The Eleventh House

Aquarius — Saturn and Uranus

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The Eleventh House is where you make your debut into society, and the reception you get out there. It's the traditional house of friends, but also extends out to colleagues and social circles. This is the house of Aquarius and Uranus/Saturn.

This House reveals your own way of being a joiner, with a defining factor being the Zodiac sign that sets the mood. The Eleventh is also to do with perceptual climates, and whether you fit in, or you break from the norm you're brought up in.

Finding Your Peeps

Some with a strong Eleventh House focus may end up in a wholly different kind of tribe. This is where you can feel like an outsider, alien to a culture, even the one you've known all your life. Others will make waves in the traditions in which they were raised, and be just as provocative to those around them.

This is where you join the bigger conversation — out there. The frame widens, and you want to be part of that timeless stream of pondering humanity's progress or predicament.

Think of all the ways people combine to create a more potent force. Sometimes it's uniting for a cause, but other times, it could be a coming together to defend the status quo.

The traditional ruler for this House is Saturn, showing how an idea held by many can be stabilizing. Astrologer Stephen Arroyo writes of the Eleventh House as one of seeking "intellectual security."

This is the House where collaboration, shared visions and community find expression, and then form.

House of Good Spirit

The classical astrologers of Greece saw in this House an elevated sphere, which is a kind of viewing deck for aspirations. The detachment of air and Aquarius is here, for seeing beyond the known.

The "Good Spirit" of this House comes from breaking free of restrictions, like society's conventions or fear of judgment. The airy spaciousness allows for big dreams to waft in and be considered, even the ones that seem impossible.

The Eleventh is also known as the House of Divinity. That hints at the kind of compassion that's possible when you can step back and get the big picture view of humanity.

The Eleventh House is a peak moment kinda place, with expansive, airy views. It follows the striving of the career-minded Tenth House, and that's why the atmosphere is one of, "You've arrived!"

Show Time

Still, the Eleventh House is tricky to define and carries the same contradictions as Aquarius. It's both where individual aspirations take flight, and where we feel most profoundly, the power of a group.

Look across the wheel to the Fifth House, in which special talents and personality are in the spotlight. In the Eleventh House, that shiny presence with those particular gifts is shared with the wider world.

The response, as well as the ripple effect of your performance on the world stage, is very Eleventh House. Challenges in this House can have to do with sharing your unique fabulousness, with the right people.

Mind Melding

The Eleventh House is where your mindset and goals merge with that of others. Your personal goals are hitched to the power of a group, and you rise and fall together.

Likewise, the rest of the collaborative team gets juice from you and your talents and energy. The Zodiac signs and planets in this house show what kinds of kinship you seek. These may be clubs, loose networks of friends or professional associations.

By aligning with like minds, you become part of an entity — the group — that has a life of its own.

The Internet is an Eleventh House tool that keeps you in touch, and able to see what's moving in the current of ideas. This House shows how you manifest through thought and the group visioning process.

All kinds of activities are included here, where everyone is contributing effort to a goal. It may be a hobby club, political action group, theatre ensemble, writer's union, knitting circle — anywhere that you're part of an entity with a shared goal.