The Difference Between Baby Size 24 Months and Toddler 2T

Two toddlers playing

Are the baby size 24 Months and the toddler size 2T the same? And if so, why do they both exist?

It's a good question and one that comes up all the time. While these two sizes are similar, they're not quite the same.

Here are the main differences:

  • 24 Months tend to leave more room for a diaper.
  • 24 Months tends to be a bit shorter in length, both in tops and bottoms.
  • 2T clothing typically does not have snaps between the legs for easy diaper access.

    Ultimately, every line is different and designers make a "baby" line and a "toddler" line; it just so happens that the baby sizes go up to 24 months and the toddler line starts at 2T. So, you may find that in some brands your baby is a 2T and in others, they're still in the (slightly) smaller baby size.