The Best Underwear For Gay Men (Briefs)

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Paul Frank That's Amazing 3D Butt Hugger Briefs 3 Pack

Paul Frank That's Amazing 3D Butt Hugger Briefs 3 Pack

Bring a little fun back into wearing briefs (and the bedroom) with the Paul Frank 3D Butt Huggers. Not only do they have a functional fly, but each pair has 3D graphics that can be seen with the included 3D glasses, which I suggest giving to your partner for a little Frank fun.

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2xist Liquid Cotton Square Cut Brief

Hey, this is just a boxer brief, you might be saying; but it's actually a hugging hybrid. The Square Cut brief provides fuller coverage than a basic tight white, yet is cut shorter than a full boxer brief. This way, you can show a little leg without suffering from annoying ride up.

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Diesel Luker Brief

"Delicious." And I'm not just talking about the briefs. The descriptive word along with the phrases "Smothered all over me" and "It feels so nice" are smeared all over the side of these hot briefs. Say it loud: These briefs are deliciously proud.

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C-in2 Sling Support Low.No.Show Profile Brief

Get eco sexy with the C-in2 Low.No.Shows. They're made with Bamboo mesh fiber for extreme comfort. They're also nature trail low to accommodate your lowest of low rise jeans.

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Dolce and Gabbana Varsity Brando Brief

Hey, D&G likes the gays and we like them back for giving us these attractively youthful Varsity Brando briefs. The briefs are low rise, but with no fly. Which is great. We wouldn't want the seams to disturb the contoured pouch, now would we?

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Ed Hardy Open Mouth Tiger Hip Brief

You've been saying you're an animal under that denim, now prove it! Ultra sexy Ed Hardy presents his line of men's undies with these must-have open mouth tiger briefs. Now, all you have to do is catch your prey.

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DKNY Graphic Brief

I've always been a fan of DKNY draws. The designs are clean, the band colors are striking and the seams are flat to hide the lines when I wear my uber-skinny jeans. A standard pair to own.

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Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Fashion Hip Brief

If you're going to wear underwear, which is a good anti-chaffing move, then make a statement! Calvin's 25th undie anniversary Steel Cotton briefs feature a huge Calvin Klein banner at the waist and a "touch me" soft stretch cotton.

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Gregg Homme X It Brief

Gregg Homme's are great for the man that likes to take the lead. An elastic waistband criss-crosses the front of the brief, giving subtle direction to a lucky onlooker. Everything else is self-explanatory.