The Best Tips and Tricks for Perfect Eyeshadow Application

Blend and Apply Eyeshadow Like a Makeup Artist

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Eyeshadow application can be daunting. First, you must choose the right eyeshadow palette for your eye color, then you have to figure out how to use all the various shades on your lid.

When it comes to eyeshadow, choosing the right tools and colors is essential.

How to Properly Apply Eyeshadow

For a basic everyday look, use an eyeshadow primer and a brush. Apply a neutral base coat, then use a darker shade in the crease. If you want to add some brightness to your look, use a highlighter just above the crease and in the inner corner of the eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter and you will look more awake.

How to Choose an Eyeshadow Palette

The key to selecting an eye shadow palette is to consider your eye color. You want your eyes to pop and the best way to do this is to use a contrasting color palette on your lids.

Blue eyes look great with golds and browns. Green eyes are wonderful with pinks, purples, and browns. Brown or dark brown eyes look wonderful with blues, greens, aubergine, or even deep, jewel colors. Taupe and lavender look great on all eye colors.

Get Professional Help in Choosing Your Best Colors

If you are overwhelmed at first, visit the beauty counter at a department store or specialty store. The staff can help you find the right colors for you and will show you how to apply it. Department store counters are also a good bet for finding the right colors for you.

How to Wear Jewel Tones on Your Lids

Jewel-toned colors with dark pigments look best on women with olive skin tones. If you have a pink complexion, light skin, light hair, and light eyes, deeply pigmented colors such as deep purples, blues and greens can be too harsh on your skin color, unless you are going for a very bold look.

Be Careful With Shimmer Eyeshadows

Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it also highlights heavy lids, lines, and wrinkles. If you don't have wrinkled eyelids yet, try this great look for shimmer: create a "nude" lid, but apply a bit of gold shimmer to the brow bone. Gorgeous!

Throw Out Those Freebie Foam Applicators

The best tools for eyeshadow application are brushes. You can use just a couple: One medium-sized brush for your neutral color and one for the crease. You can go all out and get a smaller blending brush for your highlighter color and an angled brush to apply eyeshadow as a liner.

How to Use Eye Shadow as Eyeliner

Instead of a pencil or liquid liners, you can use the darkest color in your palette as eyeliner. Use a small, pointed brush, dampen it slightly, and dip it into the color. Carefully sweep it along the lash line and just under the bottom lashes.

Want Your Shadow to Last? Set It With a Primer First

Primers are super hot right now because they help set makeup that stays for hours. One of the best products is Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

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How to Create a Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a classic look that hasn't gone out of style. If you're going for this look, keep color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don't extend color above the crease.

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How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and More Awake

A makeup artist secret is to press a bit of light eyeshadow into the inside corner of the eye. This makes eyes look brighter and more awake. You can use a white pencil to do this, too, but the lightest color in any makeup palette works best.

Should You Save or Splurge on an Eyeshadow?

A great eyeshadow will stay on your eyes all day long, while a cheap, $4 palette will have faded by the time you finish your mid-morning coffee. What's more, quality department store counter eyeshadows typically have richer colors. However, you can extend the life of cheap shadows if you use a primer first and finish with a setting spray.

It makes sense to splurge on neutral palettes you wear all the time and buy cheap versions of bold colors like shimmery purples.

How to Pair Eyeshadow With Red Lips

If you're going for dramatic red lips (never out of fashion), keep your eye makeup light and neutral so your lips get all the attention.

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