The Best Sunscreen Products for Hair

Protect Hair From the Sun With These Top Picks

The sun, chlorine, and salt water can be brutal on your hair in the summer, causing your hair color to fade faster. Here are the best sunscreens and hair protectants for summer. 

Aside from using these products, we recommend wearing a hat when out in the sun, always put sunscreen on the part in your hair and when you find yourself getting into the pool or the water, wet your hair thoroughly in fresh water before getting in a pool, the chlorinated water won't still to already wet hair.  

This works great for protecting hair color (redheads, in particular, love it). For best results, shake it up well and spray, combing or palming through hair. 

I don't think I've ever seen a product on more universally beloved. Almost all of the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. It gets 5 stars, after all. Beloved for keeping hair smelling amazing and feeling soft after swimming in the ocean, lakes or chlorinated pools, this spray will protect hair all summer. 

This is an excellent shampoo for swimmers. It gets great reviews and at about $8 is very affordable. To ensure your hair doesn't turn green, first, soak hair in cold water before jumping in the pool. Use this shampoo after in case any chlorine has soaked in. 

This is a great product to have on hand if you have colored hair that you should protect from the sun, chlorine or salt water (the sun bleaches out colored hair). This conditioning spray contains oils that soften hair and will make oily hair look greasy, so this is best used on dry hair. Make sure to comb enough of this product through hair for best protection.

Use a dime- to quarter-size amount of this leave-in conditioner on dry or frizzy hair before you head out to the beach or pool for the day. This product is best used on freshly washed, damp hair, but can be used daily if you don't wash your hair daily (you shouldn't). 

You'll love the sheen the conditioner gives your hair. At the end of the day, either rinse out conditioner or let hair down into loose waves. This product works best on dry, damaged or processed hair and helps tame frizz. It's not great for oily hair.

The shampoo gets the green out and the conditioner softens dry, frizzy hair affected by chlorine or saltwater. Parents love this for their blonde kids and it works great for adult swimmers as well. 

This protective spray from Aveda helps filter out harmful UVA and UVB rays. The product contains all sorts essential oils purported to protect hair from free radicals and the sun while making hair stronger.

This is a decent UV hairspray that protects the hair and scalp and gets great reviews. One con is the smell, which users say is pretty bad but dissipates after about half an hour. 

Spray Phyto's protective beach spray on hair before you hit the beach and afterward. Not only does it protect hair from summer's harshest elements, it restores hair at the end of the day. Great for fragile, damaged hair.

You can make your own UV hair product by mixing 2 teaspoons of sunscreen SPF 30 (like Alba sunscreen pictured here) with a cup of water. Put this into a spray bottle and spray damp hair. Run a comb through and you're good to go.  

How's this for a natural way to protect hair in the summer? Any tomato juice works great for getting rid of the "green" chlorine hair that dyed blondes tend to get. Simply rinse hair with tomato juice after you leave the pool. Leave for a couple minutes and then rinse. The red neutralizes the green.