The Best Skin Care Tips for Busy College Students

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How Your College Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

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College life can be demanding, fun, and stressful - all at once.  Finding time to properly care for your skin when you are studying, working, and sometimes partying can be a challenge. But caring for your skin properly during your college years does not have to be difficult or even time consuming.  Follow the tips here to make sure your skin always looks its best no matter what is going on in your life.

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Wash Your Face

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If you want your skin to look great you need to wash your face - every day.  No excuses. Even if you come home late from a party you need to remove your make-up and wash your face.  When you sleep in your make-up your skin will breakout, become irritated, and will look dull and lifeless.  You need to first remove your make-up which you can do with a cleansing cloth like Yes To Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes or a product like Simple Cleansing Water. After removing your make-up it is time to wash your skin again.  If you suffer from breakouts use a cleanser that contains acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid (find it in Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser).  If your skin type is normal, dry, or sensitive look for a cleanser that will effectively clean your skin without drying it out (try Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser ).  Be sure that you reevaluate what is going on with your skin every once in a while.  Your skin is constantly changing.  The products that worked for your skin in high school might not be the right choice in college.

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Have Acne Treatments On Hand

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Exams and writing research papers can be very stressful.  Stress leads to breakouts.  It's important to have an acne spot treatment on hand to get rid of those large, red, angry pimples when they pop up.  If you notice that you always breakout around test time start using your anti-acne treatment before exams so that you can stop pimples before they appear.  Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a great spot treatment to always have on hand.

Just make sure that you don't pick or pop your zits.  That can cause scarring and will actually make your pimple last longer.  Instead invest in a good cover-up that contains acne fighting ingredients like Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer.  Keep your hands off your face as much as possible.

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Moisturize and Use Sunscreen Every Day

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If you want your skin to look great now and in the future you need to invest in one product - sunscreen.  While you are in college it can be difficult to realize how important daily sun protection is, but the number one factor that ages our skin is sun exposure.  Not only do the sun's rays lead to wrinkles and fine lines, but they also contribute to dark spots, sagging skin, and in the worse case scenario skin cancer.  Be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning before leaving your dorm room or apartment and keep a small sunscreen in your purse to reapply throughout the day.  No matter the weather you still need sunscreen.  Look for a lightweight sunscreen that doesn't clog pores like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100.

Moisturizer is also essential for healthy skin.  Even people with oily skin need moisturizer. There are great, light moisturizers that come in a gel form like Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream that even people with acne can and should use.  If you want to make your life easier use a moisturizer that has SPF in it.  That way you get both the hydration and sun protection that your skin needs all in one product.  Try Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer or La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15.

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Invest in Facial Masks

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One of the quickest ways to treat your skin is with a face mask.  If your skin is dry using a hydrating mask is a great way to give your skin a moisture boost.  Or if you are breaking out try an anti-acne mask.  You don't need to mask your entire face if you don't want to.  You can apply the mask where you need it most.  Even apply different masks on different parts of your face.  You can spot treat your skin overnight with a mask.  If you feel a big pimple forming under your skin, put a little bit of an anti-acne mask on it before bed.  

Sheet masks are also a fun, affordable way to treat your skin. Have a great time with your friends when you apply The Face Shop Animal Character Mask Sheet for example.  Put on your mask and get back to studying or watching TV while you treat your skin.

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Chill Out and Eat Healthy

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Another way to help your skin look its best is to take time to destress and enjoy yourself. Stress does terrible things to our skin.  Everything from acne to skin aging are a result of too much stress in our lives.  So be sure to make time for fun.  If you like music go to show or hang out listening to your favorite band with some friends.  Go workout.  Find time to see a funny movie or TV show.  Make sure that your time at college isn't spent just in the library or hitting the books.  Not only will you have a better college experience that way, your skin will also look better too.

Also be sure to follow a healthy diet.  Too much dairy, processed foods, andsugar  can cause breakouts and dull skin.  Try to eat a few servings of fruits and vegetables daily, whole grains, and drink lots of water.