The 23 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hair Inspiration

There's Pinterest, sure. And this site, of course. But those seeking hairstyle inspiration for spring are also heading to Instagram, perhaps the hottest social media site of the moment.

Instagram, you say? You mean that vehicle of make-me-jealous travel pictures, artsy selfies posed with either pets or the most beautiful of friends and Clever Sayings Found on Signs?

Yes, that one.

Sorting through Instagram for the season's coolest haircuts, colors and styles can be a bit like hunting through the racks of several Goodwills for that elusive 1928 Chanel. According to Instagram, as of June 2016, their platform is so popular, more than 500 million people are now "Instagrammers." 

That's a whole lotta selfies to sift through. Unless you know where to look.

The very good news is that I do. I have done the work for you, so sit back and enjoy the Best of Instagram:

  1. Celebrity hairstyles. The trend of the moment if you are a celebrity is to debut your new hairstyle on Instagram crediting your fabulous hairstylist.
  2. Hairstylist works of art. The top stylists all promote their stuff via Instagram. I've got the best of the best here for you. We're talking Harry Josh, Chris McMillan, Ahn Co Tran, Mark Townsend and more.
  3. The "It" Girls. The social media and model "It" girls also sport some of the season's freshest hairstyles.
  4. Braids and updos. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous braid or updo.
  5. Color. From the best blondes, reds and brunettes to all sorts of color trends (babylights, for example), you'll see some great looks here. 

The woman pictured here with the amazing braid is model Cara Delevingne. She's featured on hairstylist Mara Roszak's Instagram. You'll see more of and from both within this gallery. 

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Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne

Australian Nicole Warne has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She is definitely one of the hottest It Girls in social media today. The founder of the style and travel blog Gary Pepper Girl, Werne is known for her amazing taste in fashion and style.

Her Instagram is full of curated, gorgeous shots of Warne at Cannes, various Fashion Weeks or riding in limousines to events. You can see her in bed, by the ocean, perched in a window while wearing a designer gown as her gorgeous boyfriend kneels next to her. It's all so very, very. 

Follow Warne on Instagram.

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Karlie Kloss

Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss
Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. @karliekloss

Vogue catapulted model Karlie Kloss into the public eye in 2012 when they named her trademark shaggy bob "The Haircut of the Moment." (See the photo and read about it here).

Since then, she's featured everywhere, usually pictured surrounded by her other gorgeous model friends. They are a tribe of model It Girls.

Like many models, she's a bit of a chameleon with her hairstyles, which is fun to watch on her Instagram.  

Join Karlie's 5 million Instagram followers and see exercising, posing with model friends and living a glamorous life. 

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Tracey Cunningham

Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham focuses on mixing babylights with hand-painted balayage highlights. There's no better way to get sun-kissed highlights than via balayage.

Here, we see her magic on Khloe Kardashian. Cunningham's Instagram (230,000 followers as of this writing) includes loads of celebrities and videos detailing before and afters. These are super popular and get the most "likes." But what I love about her posts are her detailed notes, which will mean nothing to the average person, but will mean everything to a trained colorist.  

Check out her busy notes for this image, "@khloekardashianlooks amazing!!! It's not her Haircolor she is glowing from within! But I am #happythat she lets me do her #Haircolor 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 @redken5thave #foil #babylights30vol #flashlift with 1/4 oz of #olaplexand #Bayalage #freehand 1/8 oz of@olaplex rinse towel dry #Olaplex stand alone treatment towel dry in.... Root with 9n+9nb hairline 7n+7nb base for 5 minutes only🐱 lift up and rinse! PS#khloekardashian is one of the sweetest girls I know✨✨✨I really would like to bottle up the stars and sunshine for her🌞✨✨✨✨✨ #tooblessedtobestressed"

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Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk

Swedish model Elsa Hosk has more than 2.6 million Instagram followers and it's no wonder. She has a way with the camera, providing us a glimpse into the life of a model and It Girl. 

Follow Hosk on Instagram

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Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid. @gigihadid

Unless you've been under a rock or your covers, you've heard of model Gigi Hadid. She's the hottest model of the moment and tends to run in a pack of other fabulous young women. Her Instagram has 20-plus million followers and is growing daily. She posts loads of videos, as well, giving you a virtual glimpse into her days. 

Follow her on Instagram

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Sarah Potempo

Woman with braided hair

Braids are a big trend and there's no better place for artful braids than Sarah Potempo's Instagram. 

She has more than 86,000 followers on Instagram at the time of this writing, but I'm betting in a year or more she'll double that because she's got one of the best Instagrams I've seen.

Follow Potempo on Instagram.

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Chris McMillan

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is very loyal to her hairstylist, Chris McMillan.

This photo of Aniston shows her in her classic "just-below-the-shoulders" cut. It's got layers around the face and is parted right down the middle. You could take this image into your hairstylist and say, "This please." And your stylist could mimic the cut. As long as you have the right hair texture, of course.

Follow McMillan on Instagram.

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Mara Rozsak

Lily Collins

I love this red hair color on this model featured on hairstylist Mara Roszak's Instagram.

Follow Mara Roszak and join her 34.9 million followers. 

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Margaux Brooke

Margaux Brooke

Margaux Brooke has worn these signature short bangs for several years. In fact, in this image, someone commented, "Look great as always, but maybe time to switch up the look a bit! And change the bangs up!" To which Brooke replied, "never! The bangs are staying :)"

She will, however, change her length and her hair color. But never the bangs. 

According to her personal Website, Brooke is a writer, model and optimist. With 77,000 followers, she's one of what I am calling Instagram's "It Girls."

Follow Margaux Brooke.

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Ahn Co Tran

Two women with beachy, wavy long bobs

And here's an insider secret: No one does beachy, wavy long bobs better than LA salon Ahn Co Tran.

Join Ahn Co Tran's 154,000 followers on Instagram.

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Mark Townsend

Nicole Richie with an updo

Stylist Mark Townsend has a bunch of gorgeous tousled updos on his Instagram. I love this one on Nicole Richie. 

I highly recommend following him (he's at 48,500 followers as of this writing) if you are into hair because he's always posting some goodies.

Follow Mark Townsend on Instagram.

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Serge Normant

Julia Roberts

Hairstylist Serge Normant has an Instagram full of celebrities, magazine covers and wind-blown hair. He specializes in big hair, big waves, big curls and lots of wind blown onto his creations. Check out his image of Julia Roberts at Cannes. 

Join Normant's 74,000 followers on Instagram

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Aura Friedman

Woman with platinum blonde hair

Aura Friedman is a colorist at Sally Hershberger and the creator of this gorgeous platinum blonde hair color. Friedman, known on Instagram only as "Aura," has a pretty big following with 36,000 followers and great posts full of great color inspiration.  

Follow Aura on Instagram.

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

I love the topknot here on Khloe Kardashian. I also love her bronde hair. Bronde is basically that magical color somewhere between blonde and brunette that screams, "I've been out in the sun all summer and I'm not ready for fall."

Khloe has a whopping 60 million followers on her Instagram. That sounds like a lot until you consider her sister Kim Kardashian West has 77.4 million followers. Kim, by the way, follows only 106. 

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Petra Němcová

Petra Němcová

From the utter shallow deliciousness of the Kardashians to the philanthropist model and survivor Petra Němcová, shown here in bombshell curls.

Did you know this would be such a whirlwind tour of Instagram?

Němcová's Instagram has 97,700 followers at the time of this writing and it's no wonder. While she sates her followers' thirst for a peek into her glamorous life (hence the photo pictured here), you'll find much more than the shallow nature of her industry reflected in her Instagram. She posts a lot of inspirational messages and her Instagram radiates positive energy.

I did just write that.

Since the awful 2004 tsunami that took her fiance's life and almost took hers, Němcová has obviously been on a mission to find the good in life.

Follow her on Instagram.

Back for a moment to the shallow: These bombshell curls seen on Němcová are wonderful for spring, whether you want them for prom or a night on the town. See How to Create Soft, Loose Waves (Not the Beachy Look) for a how-to.

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Harry Josh

Elsa Hosk

Stylist Harry Josh has a great Instagram. Here, he features Swedish model Elsa Hosk. Is this not a perfect blonde hair color? So many shades of blonde. 

Follow Josh on Instagram

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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Look up from the body to the hair, please. Yes, there you go. That's Bella Hadid, sister to Gigi, sporting that amazing faux bob. Bella is another Women to Watch, with more than 5.4 million followers on her Instagram

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The Cut Life

Jennifer Hudson and woman with short hair

There's no better Instagram for black and African-American hair or for edgy hairstyles than The Cut Life, which has more than 1.1M followers, it's that good. 

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Boy Maurice

Woman with an updo

Updos will never go out of style, particularly when it comes to occasions, such as prom and weddings. Like spiderwebs and snowflakes, no two updos are ever alike.

A great resource for beautiful updos is Boy Maurice's Instagram. He only has 10,300 followers, so following him is like knowing a great secret hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a popular town. 

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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

One of the most artsy and unique Instagrams I've seen is model Cara Delevingne's. Join her 31.2 million followers

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Charlotte Groeneveld

Charlotte Groeneveld and Aura Friedman

One of social media's It Girls is Charlotte Groeneveld, aka The Fashion Guitar. She's a style blogger who has amassed quite a following on Instagram. Follow her for a heavy dose of cool and see daily postings of her in awesome clothes, shoes, jewelry and hair colors.

Here, she poses with the colorist Aura herself, who gave her gray hair for New York Fashion Week. I love the color on her. It looks wonderful on her olive skin tone.

Join the 199,000 followers on The Fashion Guitar's Instagram.

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Christophe Robin

Woman with red hair

He's Parisian and he only has 9,100 followers as of the time of this writing, but Christophe Robin is famous in France and has quite a YouTube following

See his amazing hair color on Instagram.

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Jourdan Dunn

Jordan Dunn holding little boy

Jourdan Dunn has great hair. So great, that I've included her in numerous galleries. She also has a wonderful Instagram full of modeling shots and behind-the-scenes look at her personal life. 

Follow Dunn and join her 1.8 million followers on Instagram