The Best Makeup for an Amusement Park

Tips to Help Control Makeup Meltdown

Laura Mercier

Amusement parks have always been a favorite pastime in the United States, and now in other countries around the world. The fun of riding thrill rides, eating food you normally wouldn't eat, and getting completely drenched with your clothes on is something that most people have to revisit yearly, if not many times a year. But have you ever wondered what makeup you should wear while at the park? Well, wonder no longer because we've got you covered.

Where to Start

Before you even think of putting one bit of makeup on your face, makeup sure you begin with two products: moisturizer with an SPF and a good makeup primer. Of course, if you have normal to dry skin, Stila Acqua Glow Perfecting Primer with SPF15. You can use a combination product, such as this, and cut down on pre-makeup application. Of course, Stila's Hydrating Primer isn't available until August 1st, so if you are venturing out to the amusement park before then you will need to use your SPF moisturizer followed by a good makeup primer.

So why use a makeup primer? Well, primers are beneficial for several reasons, but the main reason you will want to use one in this situation is because you need something to help your makeup last all day and stay in place. Think of a makeup primer as the base that you need to apply your makeup on. Makeup artists swear by them, and in the heat and humidity of a summer visit to an amusement park it will be your lifesaver. So to begin your amusement park makeup, start with your moisturizer (if needed) and your makeup primer.

The Makeup

Since you already have your face primed and ready for the day, you will now need to focus on what makeup you need to wear. If you're lucky and have really good skin, the makeup primer may be all you need besides a little blush and lip gloss with SPF. If you need to wear foundation then I would recommend either a sheer tinted moisturizer, such as Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF20 or a mineral foundation such as Bare Minerals.

Aside from your foundation choice, don't forget to add a hint of color to your skin as well. Since you are going to an amusement park and not to a nice restaurant, don’t worry about wearing eye makeup unless you desperately cannot go without it. If you need to wear eye makeup, try to make it as water resistant and humidity resistant as possible. If you want to use your everyday eye makeup, and then make sure you have a waterproof mascara to layer over your favorite non-waterproof mascara, as well as water resistant eyeliner and a really good eye makeup primer.

Once you have said yes or no to eye makeup then concentrate on what to have on your lips and cheeks. We would suggest using a multi-tasking stain product on both, such as Stila Convertible Color for Lips and Cheeks. By using a stain on your lips and cheeks, it will last longer and look more natural throughout the heat of the day. Don’t just leave your lips stained with nothing else though. We would suggest using either using a lip balm with SPF such as Badger Lip Balm with SPF15, or a lip gloss with SPF and staying power such as Clinique Long Last Glosswear with SPF15.

Wrapping Up

Once you have your makeup on and are ready to head out for a day of fun, you may want to think of taking one or two things with you. To help fight the heat and humidity of the day try carrying a small facial hydration mist such as 29 Cosmetics Napa Mist Atomizer. When the heat turns up reach for the bottle and give your face, chest, and arms a light misting. Another thing you may want to carry with you is a waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF such as Aveeno Continuous Protection. The last thing you want to do is experience a bad sunburn that sends you home early. And finally, don't forget to keep your SPF lip gloss or lip balm handy so you can protect the sensitive skin on your lips as well.

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