The Best Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

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Jeans That Flatter a Curvy Body Type

Kim Kardashian in white jeans
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If you've got a curvy body shape like Kim Kardashian, with a large chest, small waist and a shapely lower half, then you're a classic hourglass figure. And while you may have learned to dress your well-proportioned shape in other separates, many women with an hourglass figure find it a challenge to shop for jeans that show off their best assets. Don't shy away from denim, though! Curvy women can look absolutely fantastic in jeans. The trick is in learning which denim brands and styles are designed best to flatter your womanly shape. Many brands now produce curvy fit jeans, with features such as contoured waistbands, innovative stitching and smart back pocket placement, that help to minimize your perceived trouble spots, while highlighting your best assets. Take a look through our guide to the different types of jeans that you can wear to show off an hourglass figure, including tips on how to shop for denim brands that make the most of your curvy body shape.

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Stretch Denim Jeans

Joes Jeans Curvy Bootcut
Joes Jeans Curvy Bootcut. Joes Jeans

Hourglass figures look best in stretch denim jeans, which will hold in your tummy and create a smooth, contoured line over hips and thighs, while accentuating your beautiful curves. You'll probably want between 2-4% elastane (also known by the brand names Lycra or Spandex) in the fabric. The goal is to find jeans that hug your curves -- not squeeze them too tightly -- so experiment with different amounts of stretch in the dressing room, until you find the right balance for comfort and style.

Jeans to Try:

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High Waist Jeans

Levi's 314 Shaping Straight Leg Jeans
Levi's 314 Shaping Straight Leg Jeans. Levi Strauss & Co

If you've never tried a high waisted jean, you may be surprised at how beautifully this denim style flatters your hourglass figure. A higher rise jeans fit can help to eliminate muffin top problems in jeans, while also holding in your tummy for a more streamlined silhouette. When shopping for high waist jeans, look for a pair of dark blue jeans with a contoured waistband, that rides a bit higher in the back than the front -- this will help to eliminate the issue you often have with gapping at the waist.

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Straight Leg Jeans

Levi's 512 Straight Leg Jeans
Levi's 512 Straight Leg Jeans. Levi Strauss & Co

Trendy straight-leg jeans are made to hug your hips and then fall straight to the hems, creating an elongated silhouette that's slimming to an hourglass figure, without squishing you the way skinny jeans can. If you're a petite hourglass, a straight leg style can also help you look taller. Whatever your height, be sure to choose a floor-grazing pair, if you're going for a long and lean effect. It's a good idea to bring whatever shoes you'll wear with jeans when you go shopping, to make sure the length is right for how you'll actually wear them.

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Bootcut Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

NYDJ Billie Bootcut Jeans
NYDJ Billie Bootcut Jeans. Not Your Daughter's Jeans

Bootcut jeans fall straight to the knee, then flare out slightly to wider hems. This style is great for accentuating an hourglass figure's gorgeous curves, while the wider bottom balances out larger hips, for an overall slimming effect. You'll probably want to avoid bootcut styles with whiskering or fading around the hips, which can attract attention to your widest point. If you like the look of distressed jeans, look for styles with ripped details around the lower thighs and knees (but not higher on the legs).

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Cropped Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

NYDJ Angelina Ankle Jeans with Zips
NYDJ Angelina Ankle Jeans with Zips. NYDJ

Taller, curvy women can look fabulous in cropped jeans, which will accentuate your hourglass curves. Skip the skinniest crops and capri styles, though, as both can make your legs look shorter and hips look wider. Instead, choose ankle-length cropped jeans that fall in a fairly straight line down the legs, and end in a simple hem or slim-rolled cuff.

A darker wash cropped jean will minimize a larger bottom, but you don't have to restrict yourself to indigo denim if you love color. Just for saturated hues such as rich burgundy, deep green or charcoal grey (rather than pastels), and pair colored jeans with a tucked-in top and a slim belt at the waist, to play up your slimmest point. You can also have fun with cropped motorcycle jean styles featuring zippers on the front, as pictured here.

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The Rear View in Jeans

Levi's Shaping Straight Leg Jeans for Women - Rear View
Levi's Shaping Straight Leg Jeans for Women. Levi Strauss & Co.

If you're proud of your bootylicious behind, choose jeans with embroidery or stitching on the back pockets, to attract attention to your asset. Or, to play down a bigger butt, you can wear jeans with plain, wide back pockets to balance your rear end. Either way, your jeans back pockets should start about mid-way down your rear, and end at the tops of thighs, to balance the look of your behind.

You can also take the focus off a wide butt, if that's your desire, by looking for jeans with larger back pockets that are positioned closely together.

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