The Best Jeans for an Apple Shape Figure

Find out what jeans flatter an apple figure best. Getty Images/Gazimal
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Jean Styles That Flatter an Apple Body Type

Find out what jeans flatter an apple figure best. Getty Images/Gazimal

If you have an apple body type, choosing the right pair of jeans can help to minimize your middle and show off your slimmer hips, while balancing your body's proportions. Apple shape women are larger on the upper half of their bodies and tend to gain weight in the tummy area. On the plus side, you're slimmer through the hips and butt, and have leaner thighs than many other body shapes. Learn which jeans look best on your apple shape body type, including suggestions for the best denim brands and styles to flatter your figure.

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Your Body's Best Rise in Jeans

James Jeans Plus-Size Twiggy Z Cigarette Leg Jean
James Jeans Plus-Size Twiggy Z Cigarette Leg Jean. James Jeans

Apple shaped women need to pay special attention to the rise of jeans, or where the waistband hits on your body. Choosing a too-low rise jean can create the dreaded "muffin top" effect on you (when your middle spills over the waistband of your pants). On the flip side, apple shapes are not well-suited to high-rise jean styles either — these actually tend to accentuate your belly, rather than concealing it.

To contain your middle and give you a smooth line at the waist, shop for a mid-rise jean that sits right across your navel, or slightly below it. Take the time to shop for a mid-rise denim style that fits you perfectly around the waist — it should be snug enough to give you shape and smoothness at the waist and hip line, without squeezing you too tightly.

Jeans constructed from a heavier denim fabric are also great for apple shapes, because they help to contain your mid-section.

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Trouser Jeans

NYDJ Stretch Isabella Trouser Jeans
NYDJ Stretch Isabella Trouser Jeans. NYDJ

Trouser jeans — so-called because they're designed to look more like traditional trousers — are a great choice if you have an apple body type. The wider waistband on this jean style helps to hold in your tummy, and the wider legs offer balance for a top-heavy figure. Most trouser jeans come in a dark wash, too, which is sophistciated for the office, and versatile for casual wear.

Because not all apple shape bodies are made the same, you'll want to shop for trouser-style jeans that flatter your unique figure. If you've got a flatter backside, for instance, look for trouser jeans with flap pockets or decorative back pocket stitching, that will visually boost your rear. (Get more tips here on buying jeans that make your butt look good).

For most apple body shapes, minimizing your midsection is a concern. Trouser jeans without any front pockets, or with flat side pockets that zip or button shut, are best for this.

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Skinny Jeans

Silver Jeans Mid-Rise Skinny
Silver Jeans Mid-Rise Skinny. Silver Jeans

You don't have to avoid fashionable skinny jeans if your body is apple shaped. In fact, this denim style can be very flattering, as long as you choose the right pair. Skinny jeans are typically cut to hug the legs tightly, which will show off your lean thighs and narrower hips — some of your best assets if you're an apple.

When shopping for skinny jeans for your apple body, choose a dark wash pair to help minimize your middle. Apples can have longer legs, so shop for skinny jeans with a long inseam, for a flattering floor-grazing length. It's always a good idea, when you go jeans shopping, to wear or bring the shoes you'll typically wear with your jeans, so you can buy the right length pair for heels or flats. 

Trendy distressed skinny jeans look great on you, and highlight your fabulous legs. Or try a cropped pair of skinny jeans to show off your slim stems.

If you're worried about a muffin top, simply pair narrow jeans with a flowing tunic shirt.

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Bootcut Jeans

Levi's Plus Size 512 Boot Cut Jean
Levi's 512 Boot Cut Jean. Levi Strauss & Co

Bootcut jeans are essentially a straight leg denim style that flares out slightly just below the knee, ending in wider hems. (This jean style slips on easily over tall boots — hence the name).

If you're an apple body type, you'll like the way a bootcut jean shows off your slim hips and creates a smooth line down the legs. Meanwhile, the fullness at the hems in a bootcut helps to balance a wider back and shoulders, giving you a better-proportioned look from head to toe.

If you're an apple shape, your best bootcut jean is likely to be a mid-rise style that sits about an inch below your belly button. Look for jeans made of stretch denim fabric — you'll want a pair with 2-3% elastane (also called Spandex or Lycra) to hold in your tummy.

Bootcut jeans with fading at the knees, or lightly distressed styles with strategic rips around knee level, draw attention to the narrowest part of your leg, for extra figure flattery in this style.

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