The Best Hues to Wear for Your Eye Color

Make your eyes pop by dressing with them in mind

The color of your prom dress should of course flatter your skin tone, but it should also flatter your eye color as well. That’s right- rocking a frock that fits your body type is only half the battle. You don’t want your eyes to fade into the background- especially when it’s the last slow dance of the night with your crushable date.

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If you have blue eyes.

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The colors you wear can actually make your blue eyes look darker or lighter. It’s a fun little trick that, once you master, will make you feel like a chameleon. Wearing any shade of blue, of course, will highlight the blue in your eyes (blue-eyed Carly Rae Jepsen's wears tons of blue). Wear a lighter blue and watch the lighter flecks in your eyes stand out, wear a darker blue and watch your eyes turn a deeper hue. Shades of pink will contrast your eyes, and the brightness will actually make them pop out more. Tones of brown will act as a nice backdrop to your eyes and can really bring out the warm tones in them (which will make them appear less piercing). Pair your blue eyes with something black and watch them turn from warm and friendly to intense and dramatic.

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If you have green eyes.

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Girls with green eyes must know how lucky they are, right? Your eyes are stunning no matter what you wear, but certain shades can really bring out their best. Wearing any shade of green, especially a shade that exactly matches the colors in your eyes, will make your eyes look even greener and more dramatic. Light pinks and dusty roses also work really well for green-eyed gals- the soft colors will bring out the lighter shades of green in your eyes. Shades of purple will really make your green eyes sparkle. Purple can actually make your eyes look even brighter than they already are. Plum is perhaps the best shade for purple eyes, however. It’s just dark enough to make your light eyes pop, while the rich color really compliments your eyes. And if you want your green eyes to appear super dramatic, wear black.

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If you have blue-green eyes.

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There are a couple of tricks to making light eyes pop. Any shade of blue, from turquoise to royal blue, will really make the blue side of your eyes sparkle. If you’d rather bring out the green flecks in your eyes, wear any shade of the green spectrum, from mint to forest green. And, if you really want to make your eyes stand out, wear a darker color that totally contrasts your eyes.

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If you have light brown eyes.

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Brown eyes on the lighter side look great in autumnal colors- imagine all the colors of changing leaves, and choose whichever one you love the best, from soft yellow to orange and red. Anything in the orange family, from peach to pumpkin, will bring out the red tones in your eyes. The red spectrum will also make your eyes pop- think rose, rust, tomato, and even burgundy. Some light brown eyes have flecks of green in them, so experiment with different shades of green like olive and moss to see which ones compliment you most. If you’re looking to rock a brighter color, try teal, peach and salmon pink. And of course, most shades of brown will highlight the warmth in your eyes. Try everything from khaki to coffee to cinnamon. For style inspiration, check out brown-eyed beauty Emma Watson's dresses.

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If you have dark brown eyes.

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Sometimes referred to as “black-brown,” you’re lucky to have dark eyes, because it’s really easy to make them pop out! You can wear all sorts of colors. If you want to wear white, go for an off-white, ivory or cream- those are the most complimentary neutral colors for your dark eyes. If you want to highlight the different tones of brown in your eyes, choose creamy light browns or coffee-colored hues. Experiment with different brown shades to see which ones really make your eyes pop.
Jewel tones will look amazing on you- think ruby red, blues in sapphire and dark teal, and greens in emerald and royal (forest green may be too muted and dark for you- stick with colorful greens). Girls with dark brown eyes also look smashing in berry tones- from raspberry red to deep plum and blueberry blues. Try different shades of orange as well, from deep orange to warm apricot. They’ll really make your brown eyes gleam. For dark brown eyed-inspiration, check out the dresses and makeup that Selena Gomez wears.