The Best Essential Oils for Your Skin Type

Different Oils Work Best on Normal, Dry or Oily Skin

Essential Oils
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A few drops of essential oils in your homemade face masks and body scrubs can turn an ordinary mask or scrub into a luxurious one. But figuring out which essential oils work best for skin types can be confusing. Your skin type determines how the oils work. 

But to make this list work for you, it's important to know your skin type.  This article can help you identify your skin's attributes. 

You can find these essential oils in bottles with droppers or in capsules.

They are sold in health food stores or online. 

Normal Skin

If your skin is neither dry or oily, chances are you have "normal skin." This means you can use almost any essential oil recommended for the skin. You have many options; try products that will benefit your moods or that just smell amazing to you. Some good choices include peppermint, lavender, and jasmine.

Other great bets: Cedarwood, geranium, bergamot, soy, neroli, evening primrose, almond, orange, geranium, palmarosa, roman chamo, rose, rosewood, Ylang-ylang, tea tree.

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, you are in good company. The majority of people have combination skin, which means some parts of the face that are oily and other parts that are dry. Lavender is a favorite for combination skin because it soothes and heals skin problems. Plus, it smells absolutely divine.

Other good bets: Geranium, rosewood, Ylang-ylang, rose geranium hydrosol, neroli hydrosol, bergamot

Dry & Aging Skin

There are so many wonderful essential oils for dry skin, but one that everyone is going ga-ga for is rosehip seed.

It is high in omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, contains vitamin A and is used primarily in skin care products to treat inflammatory issues such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, and scarring.

It is also found in products marketed for mature and sunburned skin. It's super hydrating. Use a few drops in your moisturizers, baths and body cream.

Other great bets include: Almond, carrot seed, cedarwood, clary, jasmine, geranium, lavender, orange, Palma rose, neroli, castor, extra virgin, wheat germ, sandalwood, rosewood, rose, Vetiver, Ylang-ylang, bergamot

Oily Skin

A favorite essential oil for oily skin (and scalp!) is Ylang Ylang. It balances out sebum producing glands and helps calm down the oil slicks.

Other bets: Cedarwood, Geranium, Clary, lavender, Ylang-ylang, lemon, peppermint, Niaouli, Cajeput, cypress, frankincense, patchouli, Roman & German chamos, sandalwood, juniper, Melisa, coriander, lime (distilled), grapefruit, rose, rosemary, eucalyptus, red mandarin, myrtle, neroli, bergamot

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is tricky because almost anything can cause breakouts. You have to know what you are allergic to and what your skin reacts to before you make the splurge. Test out new products first and then buy or purchase from somewhere with a very good return policy.

A great best for sensitive skin is rose, which is super soothing. Add a few drops of distilled water and put it in a spray bottle to spray your face.

Or add a few drops to your moisturizer or mask for super soothing benefits.

Buy rose essential oil. It's expensive because of the process to remove it, but it will last forever.

Your other great bets: Roman & German chamomile, Helichrysum, neroli, rosewood, carrot, angelica, jasmine, Neroli, Chamomile or Yarrow Hydrosols

Acne Inflamed Skin

Perhaps the best essential oil for acne is frankincense. It kills the bacteria that causes pimples.

Eczema and Dermatitis

If you suffer from Eczema or dermatitis, oil enthusiasts recommend jasmine essential oils. It has antiseptic properties that help soothe and heal these common skin ailments.

Where to Buy

Most health food and beauty stores will have a section for essential oils. If you don't have a store near you, or you can't find one of the more hard-to-find oils, try buying online.

How to Use Essential Oils

You can put a few drops of your favorite oil in the bathtub, you can also add it to moisturizers and clay masks. One of the best ways to use essential oils is to create gorgeous oil blends using carrier oils. Simply add a few drops to coconut, olive, rosehip, grapeseed or avocado oil. Gorgeous!