The Best Date Movies of All Time

There are times when all you’d like to do is make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch with your partner and enjoy a good date movie together. But with so many different options available right at your fingertips, it can be especially hard to determine what you should watch with your special someone. Well, we're here to help! These are our all time favorite date movies:

While You Were Sleeping
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Sometimes romance can develop under the strangest of circumstances, and this film exemplifies the real importance of not only having love in your life, but having family as well.   More »

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You’ll never forget the captivating and tragic love story between Jack and Rose or their tear-jerking goodbyes to one another. This award-winning movie is bound to capture your attention as well as your heart. More »

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This iconic film sends a highly powerful message about the intrinsic link between love and forgiveness. It also reminds you about the precious and fleeting nature of love as well as life.  More »

Speaking of iconic hits, this classic film explores the very complicated connection between friendship and courtship. Complete with interviews from older couples in happy and long-lasting relationships, this film reveals how love can truly grow, develop and blossom over time.  More »

It’s been said that hindsight is 20/20, and this movie demonstrates how looking more closely at a past relationship under a brand new lens can help you to see exactly where things went right as well as wrong.  More »

Bridget Jones's Diary
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If you want to watch something that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as your partner’s, you’ll find lots of laughs and love in this feel-good film. And if you’re a couple who has an affinity for binge-watching, the best part is that this movie is the first in a trilogy. More »

Sometimes confronting your past is the only way to unlock a better and brighter future. And this movie exemplifies how even during life’s most difficult moments, you can find love as well as find yourself.  More »

In this iconic film, a short-term business arrangement between Edward and Vivian turns into long-lasting love. Full of memorable lines and classic scenes, this romance reminds you how the differences between you and your partner can actually make you a stronger pair.  More »

Dirty Dancing
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If you’re looking for romance as well as unforgettable dance moves, this iconic film takes center stage. Not only will you be rooting for Baby and Johnny, but their purest of romances will have you and your partner smiling from ear to ear.  More »

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Speaking of classics, this movie demonstrates the everlasting nature of love and how it remains long after someone has departed.  More »

When someone steals your heart at a young age, you’ll stop at nothing to show this person what he or she means to you. And even if you have lots of competition, you’ll still find a way to capture the attention of your true loveMore »

In this highly popular film, the love between Allie and Noah truly lasts a lifetime. And even though they come from completely different worlds, all that matters is that they mean the world to each other.  More »

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Do you believe in destiny? This film shows you how finding that perfect person is anything but chance. In a word, it's truly "serendipity." More »

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This hilarious film explores the many ways in which the right person can be right in front of you, even if you don’t see him or her at first. In fact, this film will clue you in (so to speak) about how to recognize your true feelings for someone else.  More »

Friends with Benefits
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Can two people just hook up without ever developing romantic feelings for one another? This film explores the many ups and downs of entering into a friends with benefits relationship.  More »

Many different stories and lives overlap in this heartwarming film that beautifully illustrates all of the different and complex stages of romance, dating, marriage as well as love.   More »

There are times when it takes the power of love to crack through a tough exterior, and you may end up surprising yourself by falling for a person you never knew was there.  More »

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Date Night
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You and your partner will definitely be laughing at this comedy of errors when a date night doesn't exactly go according to plan.   More »

Sometimes you have to go to great lengths to find your true love. However, it’s important to remember that fairy tales do come true.  More »