The Best Brow Pencils and Powders for Redheads

One of the hardest things about being a redhead is finding an eyebrow pencil, powder or tint that perfectly complements your hair color.

I've done the research and found the best brow products, plus a few great tips for redheads. These work for natural red hair or colored red hair.

Which Brow Product Should You Choose?

Brow products come in various forms: powders, tints, gels, and pencils. Which works best for you is entirely up to you. You may even decide to use a couple at a time, sweeping on a powder and setting it with a gel.

How to Choose a Shade

When it comes to shades, consider your hair color. For lighter redheads with blonde brows, a darker blonde or taupe tint or powder is a great bet. For darker redheads, you can go with auburn or brown colors.

When it comes to powders and pencils, you will likely have to blend a couple shades to get the right match. For more tips, don't miss My Best Eyebrow Tips for Redheads. 

This eyebrow pencil works best on women with sparse eyebrow hairs because you can draw on the natural-looking feathery lines with the fine point. 

This is the go-to brow pencil for renowned Manhattan dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Wexler (I actually went to her once, what a character).

Wexler has red hair and was interviewed by my favorite blog, Into the Gloss, about her favorite beauty products. She said this, "...the Vincent Longo Eyebrow Micro Pencil in Auburn is the only one that goes with my red hair. I bought 40 at a time because you can use this pencil, and in a week to 10 days, it’s literally a micro pencil—but it’s the only one that doesn’t look like you’re penciling it on, which is good because my brows are totally blond." Read the interview.

It gets great reviews on

Makeup artist Brett Freedman formulated this red pencil for his long-time client Reba (one must assume this is Reba McIntyre). According to his website, Freedman found the options for redheads lacking. He was "tired of using copper-ish eyeshadows or lip pencils," and he found other lines' red options to be basically brown with a touch of red."

This pencil has 2 color options, one that's lighter than the other. And the best thing (aside from the fact that he does no animal testing)? His pencils get rave reviews online.

NYX makes super affordable makeup that gets rave reviews. This cake powder is less than $6 and has more than 1800 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

People love it because it goes on looking natural and the 2 colors are blendable. 

I recommend throwing out the cheapie brush and spoolie in the kit and buying a better quality one (you apply brow powders with an eyeliner brush and a spoolie).

This is a favorite of NYC makeup artist and redhead brow expert Ashley Rebecca (a redhead herself). It also gets great ratings on Read more of her brow tips in The Best Eyebrow Tips for Redheads.

Another favorite of makeup artist Ashley Rebecca.

If it's a powder you want, Anastasia's brow powder duo gets good reviews and hits all the key marks when it comes to finding the right product: it lasts long once applied, it's a good color, it's blendable and it's affordable.

You apply this brow powder with an angled eyebrow brush and a spoolie (used to brush brows into place).​

This is a great palette for women with darker red hair. And the spoolie and brush that comes with it is good quality.

This brow trio gets very good reviews.

This is a brow gel that gets great reviews. The blonde shade is flattering to lighter redheads. 

This is another great bet for lighter redheads. You can use the medium if your brows should be darker.

This tinted brow gel is from Anastasia, which makes high quality, yet inexpensive, eyebrow products.

A great brow pencil recommended by makeup artist Natalie Livingstone on the wonderful blog for redheads, How to Be a Redhead. Livingstone, who knows her makeup obviously, recommends Aucoin's brow pencil among others including:

Get the full list in her interview on HTBR.

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Urban Decay Brow Box, Bathwater Blonde

GWEN STEFANI Urban Decay Brow Box
Courtesy of Urban Decay

Recommended by Ashley Rebecca, this limited edition brow box was created by Urban Decay specifically for rock star Gwen Stefani. Though Stefani is a platinum blonde, Ashley says the blonde shades are perfect for redheads.

This clear brow gel will set your brows all day.

This is a less expensive, but still highly rated, brow gel.