The Very Best Bralettes for Every Size

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Bralettes for everyone?

Kimmay Caldwell wearing green Blush bralette
Photo of Kimmay Caldwell of Hurray Kimmay wearing Blush Lingerie by Laura Boyd of Own Your Sexy

More than just a fashion trend, wire-free bralettes have become a go-to or everyday bra style for many people. In fact, lingerie designers are now manufacturing bralettes in several styles to suit many sizes and needs. From fashion forward styles that are designed to be seen to seamless designs for those who want a clean look. And what was once a style reserved for only petite and perky busts, new bralette designs have emerged with many bra, bust, and dress sizes in mind. 

There are pros and cons to wearing bralettes. The key thing to remember is that most bralettes are designed to offer light to medium support. If you're looking for a supportive bra with lots of lift and structure, you may want to skip this undergarment style. On the other hand, it may be worth adding a wire-free style like this to your bra wardrobe. When it comes to casual comfort, bralettes can be great for traveling, running errands, wearing around the house on weekends, wearing to sleep, and more. And for those who prefer bralettes for fashion reasons, they can be great for offering additional coverage, jazzing up a revealing outfit, and more. If you've ever wanted to try a bralette and weren't sure where to start, this list is the perfect place to start.

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Full Bust

Torrid bralette

If you've shied away from bralettes in the past because you felt like they weren't made for a full bust, think again! As the bralette trend has grown, so have options for every size. 

Tip! If you want to have the look of a bralette and want the support of a basic bra, try wearing a stretchy lace bralette over your supportive bra. That way you get the style and support all at once. 

Don't want to double up on bras? Try one of these bralettes for larger bra sizes. Keep in mind, a bralette is not typically designed with super support. If you want light support and coverage, these are the top choices. 

  • Freya - This full bust bra brand is known for making cute underwire bras in fun colors. Now, they have a full bust bralette, too! The Freya Fancies bralette is designed for light support up to a HH cup size, according to the size chart. The fuller coverage and pretty lace are a great combination for full busts! 
  • Cosabella - This Italian company has two lace styles that suit busts on the fuller side. For those with a fuller figure and bust, the Never Say Never Extended Sweetie Bralette is a great lace choice. And for those with a smaller band and full cup, try the Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette, made especially for 32-36 DD-F bra sizes.
  • Sugar Candy - If you're looking for a smooth and basic bralette for full busts, try this one! Made by Australian, full bust nursing bra company, Cake, it has inner panels and no underwire. The company promises that its "engineered support panels are designed to maximize lift and support, without compromise" for US sizes G to L cup.
  • Torrid - This plus size fashion company carries several bralettes for fuller figures and busts. They are a great combination of extra coverage and trendy fashion.
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Petite Bust

Only Hearts Pink Moon bralette
Only Hearts

While bralettes have a reputation of being best suited for smaller bra sizes, it's a common misconception that all bralettes are designed for a petite bust. Some bralettes are designed—either with their seams or their pattern design—to be filled out by a B cup or larger. That can leave those with a petite bust, usually an A or AA cup (depending on the band size), with baggy cups or zero shape. 

Brands and styles to try: 

  • Honeydew - This young and flirty brand has a wide range of casual intimates. Their Camellia bralette styles are especially suited for petite busts and those who do not require much support. The lace details and thin straps are a cute touch! 
  • Cosabella - A bralette haven, this company has several triangle styles and little lace bralettes for petite busts. One especially suited for a smaller bra size is their Never Say Never Racie Racerback bralette. You'll love the lightly lined, shallow cup, delight in the racerback design, and marvel at the huge range of colors available for purchase. 
  • Only Hearts - From urban sophisticated to downright adorable, this NYC company has bralettes for all. Their styles lean toward less coverage than other brands, making them perfect for petite bust bra wearers. (The style seen here is the Pink Moon bralette)
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Flirty lace

Fleur't bralette

One of the best reasons to wear a bralette: fashion! It's trendy now to show a bralette underneath low cut armholes, through an open knit sweater, or peeking out of a plunging neckline. Not to mention, wearing something fashionable and lacy is fun, whether someone sees it or not. If you want something sexy, flirty, and made of lace, try the bralettes below.

Fleur't - Drape your bust in lace. This brand has a wide array of soft lace bralettes in dreamy colors - with matching panties and sleepwear, too! (The style seen here is the Lace Bust Bralette in "Landscape".) 

Blush - This sexy little brand has lower price point options in a wide range of lace and strappy details to choose from. Choose from their punchy colors and beautiful hues - or get them all! 

Adore Me - This low price selection is fun for those who want to try a bralette set without breaking the bank. The company has an ever changing lineup of pretty styles to choose from, including a few for plus size shoppers. 

Victoria's Secret - Once scolded for dragging their feet during the birth of the bralette trend, this lingerie mega-chain now has several bralettes to choose from. That includes lots of lace and fashion forward styles, as well as smooth designs. Readily available in many shops across the United States, this brand is an easy place to start looking for and trying on bralettes. 

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Basic and smooth

Miel bralette

Many bralettes are fashion forward, designed to be seen, and feature decorative accents and bold colors. In some cases, however, a bralette may be intended to be a smooth undergarment. There are many smooth and everyday bralettes to choose from. Try a few below! 

  • Blush - While this brand has a lot more lace and sexy styles to choose from, their Pretty Little bralette collection should not be overlooked. It includes a sliky smooth, racerback bralette in several solid colors, and a fashionable print. 
  • Sugar Candy - worth another mention, this full bust bra is super smooth and caters to American cup sizes G to L. 
  • True & Co. - Their True Body bra collection boasts that its wearers will "Feel naked. But better." Fuller in coverage and totally seam free, it's almost like wearing a smoothing crop top. 
  • Commando - Known for it's seamless panties, this USA made company also makes basic and fashionable bralettes, including a strapless bandeau. 
  • Miel - One of the few bralettes with adjustable and/or convertible straps, and an adjustable hook and eye band, this Canadian company is super sweet! Made from antimicrobial material, their smooth bralettes are a touch on the sporty side, and super smooth for everyday wear. (The style seen here is the Nana Bra in black.)
  • Warner's - This all American brand is known for super smooth, everyday basics. They boast a range of wire-free bras and bralettes, including their Easy Does It bralette for XS to 2X sizes.
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Minimalist Chic

Mary Young Tate Bra
Mary Young

Part of the appeal of a bralette is its easy breezy, casual feel. But don't confuse the relaxed vibe with sloppy or non-trendy. The brands below prove that you can skip the lace details and over-the-top decoration in favor of something subtle, simple, and oh-so-chic. 

  • Mary Young - Simple doesn't mean boring. This Canadian designer proves that less is more with her simple and sophisticated designs. A touch of sheer mesh there, a color block there, a simple wraparound strap here. What's more, this brand also boasts a healthy body image message with their Self Love Club. (The style seen here is the Tate Bra in cornflower blue.)
  • Knixwear - Known for their convertible, reversible Evolution bra, this wire-free company mixes smooth design with cool patterns. Try wearing it all eight ways! 
  • Lively - No need to go overboard on frilly details or cumbersome designs. This brand sticks to simple designs with just a touch of sophistication or style. 
  • AnaOno - You'll find touches of lace here and there, but the majority of this brand's styles are frills free and easy to wear anywhere. A breast cancer survivor herself, this designer specifically designed her collection for post surgery. But the soft bralettes and cozy options are also a hit with anyone who wants a wire-free, fashionable, simple undergarment. 
  • Araks - This brand's website pretty much sums it up when it says: "the Araks woman is achingly chic and forever cool." There's a sense of not trying too hard to impress anyone, and in doing so making everyone envious of the high level cool factor going on here. 
  • Knickerluxe - This Australian brand is doing something amazing: it's making each and every style it designs in sizes XS to 4X. That includes their simple but sweet bralettes. Just enough detail for the fashion forward, and simple, luxurious pima cotton for the tried and true minimalist.