The 5 Best Paint Markers For All Things Art

Design, Clean, Personalize, and Refine

Available in various tip sizes: fat to skinny -- or fine, medium, and broad, paint markers are the convenient weapons of choice for all things art. They are great for controlling lines, filling spaces and defining curves. The thinner the tip, the easier it will be to draw details and get to those hard- to-reach spaces. The thicker the tip, the more paint you can spread to large areas. Markers for covering plastics and leathers should be made of a soluble that is weather-proof and does not not wear off overtime. For that reason, ink with the thickest consistency will achieve the best results. Here are the favorites:

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Jumbo Nissen Feltip Paint Marker (a.k.a "Hiroshima")

This is an industrial marker that is so strong that its ink eats and bleeds into the surface. This is good for sneakers that have "unique" material uppers. If you ever hit a canvas, surface, or material you've failed to conquer with ink, try this. It won't fail you. Write on a lock, drop it underwater, and your name will be sealed on that thing until the next Atlantis. This is one of the coolest, strongest, and thickest paint markers ever.

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Krylon Leafing Pen

If there's one marker I cannot do without, the Krylon Leafing Pen in 18Kt gold would be it! If you ever want to add gold to anything, write or accent in gold, or need to cover any surface whatsoever, this paint will do the trick. It lasts super long and plates gold as it rolls! I painted a whole King Tut bust with just one of these markers. Its small tip because is flexible and versatile at all turns and curves. Seriously, add this to your stack of markers. It's good gold too. Closest paint to the real thing that you can find now (2009) in the market and in any craft store. It can used for ANYTHING on ANYTHING. Grab it!

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DecoColor markers are great for drawing and filling art on sneakers, and just about anything else. They release a nice thick paint that lasts long and holds nicely on wood, leather, metals, ceramic, and glass with no problem. DecoColor markers come in an awesome range of colors in all tips and sizes. The ink dries super fast and the colors may be blended and removed with turpentine. These are versatile and come in handy on any kind of project. Choose these over PrismaColor when moving from paper to more durable surfaces that require thicker paint.

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Krink was developed by a graffiti writer, Craig "KR" Costello, while looking for the perfect ink. In marker form, the K71 provides a slippery black ink that is slick and great for quick curves and scribbling. You can also buy the ink separately in mop top form and create awesome paint drips on any wall or canvas you desire. Put the ink in an eyedropper and squeeze for cool drips on sneakers. Use sponges, brushes, mold, and print. Krink is the King of Drips. It's good ink.

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Galaxy White Marker (a.k.a "Casper")

This is the "Merlin of Markers" and it costs less than two bucks! This should be in every artist's toolbox. It gets its "Casper" name from its whiteness and because it never seems to run out of ink! It runs on thick and looks good on dark surfaces, or for outlining and highlighting. This is a must-have and once you start getting used to it, you'll never be without it. It has a very juicy medium tip that runs nicely on any surface. It makes a great pencil on black too.