5 Best Beauty Products for Your Eyebrows

Everything You Need for Perfectly Kept Brows

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face, and keeping them in perfect condition all year round isn't as hard as you might think. Discover the best products to keep your brow game strong, no matter the season and start working on getting your very best brows.

This pencil is perfect for eyebrows because of the fine point that allows you to mimic real hair strokes. When filling in brows it's best to make them appear as natural as possible, so lightly stroking in an upward motion with the pencil will help fill in sparse spots. 

If you don't like the finish of a pencil and would rather use a brow powder, these are some great formulas to try: Urban Decay Brow Box, Clé de Peau Beauté Eyebrow powder and liner compact

Always apply powder with an angled brow brush and brush through after application to smooth things over, this will help correct any harsh edges making brows appear more natural. 


If your brows need filling in and help with staying in place, this pomade from Glossier is perfect to tame any wild hairs, along with giving just the right amount of color for a natural fill-in. With a small brush that's easy to use for precise application, and four tones to choose from (clear, brown, black, and blonde) there won't be any problem finding the perfect match. 

Wipe the excess pomade off the brush before smoothing it through your hairs in an upward motion until they are set in place and look groomed. More »

If you over-plucked your brows and need help growing them back or filling-in sparse spots, this brow enhancing growth serum packed with peptides will help stimulate cell renewal and allow new hair to grow in. It is the perfect product for those who have wanted to grow their eyebrows back but were never sure how to do so.

The key to using growth serums is to use them regularly every day until you start seeing results. While it takes them a little longer to show growth, once you see them working you'll be addicted. Apply faithfully to eyebrows every night for at least five weeks, and then maintain your application twice a week for maximum growth. 

Tweezers can be intimidating if you don't know how to use them. Be sure to use tweezers sparingly, only on hairs that don't mesh with your overall eyebrow shape. These from Tweezerman are perfect for the occasional pluck.

Not sure where to tweeze? In between the brows where sparse hairs grow is a great place to start to ensure that eyebrows look clean and not unruly. Simply brush your eyebrows in an upward motion to notice if any hairs look out of place or unusual and you can remove those. If you have lone hairs that grow above your brows you can tweeze those as well for a clean finish. The key is being conservative when removing any kind of hair, as you can easily take it away, but it doesn't always easily grow back. 

Tinting your eyebrows can become expensive, so doing it at home with an easy kit is ideal if you want to save money. Tinting is a great way to enhance your natural color or give you more if you have light brows that aren't as visible. It's also a wonderful alternative to using makeup products on brows when you don't have the time to spend on them day to day. 

You can gauge what color you need by your natural hair color. Mix the dye and developer together, applying it to your brows and leaving it on for under one minute on each eyebrow. Color develops fast, so be sure to track how long it's on so that you don't get too dark of a finish. You'll also want to make sure to remove the dye from the skin so it doesn't leave any kind of stain. Using a cleanser will help you get rid of any remaining dye on the skin.

Tinting will last a few weeks and each box comes with at least four applications, making it a less expensive option than going to the salon. 

Try these tint kits as well: Eyelure Permanent Brow Tint, Roux Beauty Lash and Brow Tint

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