The 4 Biggest Perks of Being a Runway Model

Runway Modeling Models
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images

To many, the life of a runway model seems like it is all glitz and glam all the time. In truth, there is a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a successful model, and behind the scenes, it isn’t always as glamorous as it looks on camera. That being said, there are many great reasons so many people want to become a runway model. There are major perks to the job and it often offers flexibility and travel opportunities unparalleled by other careers. Here are the four biggest perks of being a runway model.


"I became a model to see the world, to make enough money to travel and experience other cultures, I knew I had to get to New York to get to Africa." - Supermodel Lauren Hutton

There are four major modeling markets in the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. When you’re modeling in major fashion shows your work will almost certainly bring you to some of these places on occasion. When these cities host their yearly “fashion weeks,” they’re jam-packed with star-studded runway shows. When you’re busy going from one show to the next, you won’t have a lot of time to sight-see, but before and after your work commitments you can take advantage of being in a new and interesting city and find out what it has to offer. Your passport will be filled with stamps in no time!


Runway models often work unconventional hours, but many can take a longer period of time off than you could in other careers. You may be on the job for many hours a day, for days or weeks at a time, but after that, you can take a break of your choosing. You can also choose the modeling jobs you accept, which is a luxury many other people do not get in their line of work as they are required to take on whichever tasks are asked of them.

Although you can choose the jobs you take, it’s very important you have an agent that guides you in choosing which modeling jobs are best for you, as well as helping you get booked for them in the first place. Modeling agents offer invaluable insight and expertise when it comes to the modeling world, and this is a necessity if you want to have a successful career.


Not every runway modeling job will be for haute couture lines, but there will be times you get to wear one-of-a-kind luxurious designer pieces unlike anything else you’ve ever worn. You might even be modeling an outfit that a celebrity sees and decides to wear to their next big event. For this reason, many models become fashion icons as they are often the first to be seen in the look of the moment. You will gain in-depth knowledge into the world of fashion and design as well as acquire highly sought after behind-the-scenes access of up and coming fashion.


As a runway model, you will have the opportunity to attend events that will be great networking opportunities. From fellow models to designers, photographers, and scouts, you’ll meet people that could make great connections down the road. You never know when someone you met at a networking event could prove to be a useful connection later on. Even though many of these events are parties, it’s important to remain professional at all times and remember that you’re there for work, and your behavior can make or break your future success in the modeling world.