The 10 Best Web Development YouTube Channels

Reflection of male hacker coding working hackathon at laptop
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YouTube makes it pretty easy to waste time. Hours can slip by as you watch skits or snicker at cat videos. However, the site also offers some great videos to help expand your web development skills. Instead of watching kitties destroy things for their own amusement, there are 10 channels worth following to help you stay productive as a web developer.


Travis Neilson’s DevTips channel focuses on both sides of website creation: development and design. That makes it ideal for those who are interested in both, instead of just one or the other. He has a few back-to-basics videos for beginners and occasionally does live interviews with others in the industry.

Will Stern runs and uses it to cover a wide variety of topics: web development, site design, tutorials, career advice, and more. It's a great channel for newbies with a 24-video playlist just for beginners. He has a lot of videos on JavaScript and also a popular series on the web dev tools used by pros.

Coder’s Guide

Coder's Guide specializes in structured series of videos, broken down by topic. The series are normally pretty long so don’t expect to blaze through them in a single afternoon. It has a 19-video series on learning JavaScript and others on learning HTML/CSS, Java, and Visual Basic. It also covers some shorter, more specific topics, like its six videos on making a Wordpress theme with Bootstrap, etc.

Helping Develop

Helping Develop supplies free professional tutorials with a focus on HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. Videos are sorted by topic, so it’s easy to find exactly what you want to learn, and they all have good ratings from users. Many of the videos are a bit on the longer side (10-15 minutes), but it helps keep the playlists relatively short.

Google Developers

Like the majority of other web dev channels, Google Developers offers some lessons and tutorials on web development topics. However, its real focus is on product reviews, recorded talks from tech experts at Google events, and current industry news.


Designers can come to LearnWebCode to learn about responsive design and Wordpress themes, while developers may be more interested in the videos on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript/jQuery. It isn’t the largest channel, but its videos are pleasantly simple and easy to understand—which is a definite perk when you’re trying to teach yourself.


Codecourse is all about PHP. Often, when channels focus on only one thing, they’re able to get a lot deeper into the subject, so if you’re looking for specialized PHP instruction, this is a good place to get it.


WebDevMentors narrows its focus more than some of the others, but it’s a great place to go for specialized learning. Visit WDM for one of three things: beginner Python tutorials, beginner Java tutorials, or Bootstrap 3 tutorials.


Treat your web development skills like a video game on LevelUpTuts and watch these tutorials to “level up.” Creators Scott Tolinski and Ben Schaff have a lot of great tutorials on topics not seen too often on other channels like Meteor, Sass, Stylus, Polymer 1.0, and others.


One of the most popular web dev channels out there, thenewboston has nearly 1 million subscribers. View tutorials on C, C++, Java, JS, HTML, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, app development, and even more.