The 10 Best Hair Oils

Find the Right Hair Oil for Your Hair

If there is one hair product that I could declare as essential to every hair routine, regardless of your hair type, it would be hair oil. If you're not using a hair oil, I would highly recommend that you start. Why? Hair oils replace essential moisture lost during shampooing and styling. They protect your hair from damage from heat tools, brushing, combing, and environmental elements. They treat dryness, damage, split ends, and frizz. They make your hair more manageable, less tangled, reduce static electricity, and restore shine. A few drops of a great hair oil can change your hair in an instant, and over time help restore life to limp, over processed, dull, dry hair. I don't go anywhere without hair oil. Oh, they'll also take gum out of your hair, which is one tip you'll probably thank me for when you least expect.

The market is flooded with hair oil as of late, and I've tried most of them. What have I discovered? While they aren't all created equally, they are all pretty close to the same. Some are a little heavier, some a little lighter, they all have a unique fragrance, and every hair oil has something about it that's unique. It's usually that little bit of uniqueness, and the value that you put on it, that makes one hair oil more attractive than another. Here are my top ten favorite hair oils to try.

Brand new to the market, developed with the support of scientific research, all natural, vegan, and incredibly light weight there's not a whole lot to not love about Pomifera Radiant Healing Hair Oil. It took one use of Pomifera Radiant Healing Hair Oil to have me hooked on this amazing oil that is quickly absorbed into the hair, reduces frizz, increases body, protects from UV rays, and will not weigh your hair down.

CHI Silk Infusion by Farouk Systems has been my all time favorite hair oil for years. I love the scent, I love the consistency of the product, I adore the results and I use it at home and in my salon on a regular basis. Enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins, Silk Infusion protects the hair against thermal styling and the environment leaving your hair soft as silk.

Redken's All Soft Argan-6 Oil with omega-6 enriched argan oil (which smells heavenly) intensely nourishes dry brittle hair, creates a beautifully soft texture while protecting your hair from damage, heat, and environmental elements.

Redken recommends utilizing a few drops of this one product six ways for the ultimate in soft hair: before you shampoo to moisturize, before you blow-dry to protect, after you blow-dry to smooth, on dry hair to enhance shine, added to other hair treatments to soften, or as an overnight conditioner to deeply recondition.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment is one of my favorite new hair oil finds. This deliciously sweet smelling oil harnesses the power of agave oil to smooth, restore, and transform unmanageable frizzy hair. The non-greasy, lightweight oil is ideal for all hair types to protect from styling stresses, amp up your hair's shine, and condition your hair.

BioSilk Silk Therapy by Farouk Systems is one of the first hair oils to hit the market and is still a big favorite and top seller. Silk Therapy's replenishing and reconstructing treatment is formulated to fill voids in your hair's cuticle layer, helping to rebuild the structure of your hair preventing split ends and enhancing your hair with incredible shine.

Moroccanoil Treatment’s versatile, nourishing, residue-free multi-award winning formula is arguably the leading hair oil on the market and a stylist's favorite. It can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It cocktils perfectly with your styling or other nourishing products and speeds up drying time. This popular treatment can completely transform and repair, as the formula replaces lost proteins for strength, includes fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine, and the right mix of antioxidants for protection. Moroccanoil absorbs quickly into your hair to fill the frizz causing gaps in hair's cuticle created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

If the original Moroccanoil Treatment is too heavy for your hair type, it also comes in a light version, which is an equally amazing oil with a little less weight for finer hair or hair that can be easily weighed down.

L'Oreal's Mythic Oil is as pretty in your hair as the packaging it comes in, and comes in a formula for every hair type. Try the Rich formula for thick hair, Colour Glow if you color treat your locks, Norishing for any hair type, ad Reinforming Milk for extra detangling and increased hair strength. Which ever formula you choose, you'll enjoy incredible shine, manageability, and frizz control.

When you need a serious hair oil, Ojon Rare Blend Oil is the real deal. Those pretty colors all layered in the bottle aren't a result of clever packaging. The red oil is from the Ojon nut, and is high in antioxidants; the clear oil is Tahitian Monoi Oil (coconut oil infused with Tiare flower) and is a fantastic at protecting the hair from damage; the yellow oil is Kukui Oil that hydrates the hair. This stuff is so potent that you'll only need a drop of two to be blown away by shine, soft, frizz-free hair.

The rare oil derived from the argan tree is the essence of One 'n Only's Argan Oil Treatment. Rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Vitamin E, this premium hair oil is easily absorbed into the hair resulting in brilliant shine, a soft smooth cuticle, and improved moisture condition. Argan oil is known for it's frizz eliminating abilities while protecting the hair from damage, the environment, heat, and ultra violet rays. At one of the lowest price points, this oil is as budget friendly as it is effective.

Organix Penetrating Oil is another favorite in the world of oil. This light weight Moroccan Argan Oil delivers on all it's promises of sealing, healing, protecting, moisturizing and smoothing every hair type. Organix offers four formulas of their remarkable frizz fighting oil so you can customize your experience the original Penetrating Oil for all hair types, Extra Penetrating Oil for course, damaged, or extra frizzy hair, Light Penetrating Oil for fine and thin hair that can be easily weighed down, or Weightless Healing Oil for extra shine.