9 of the Best Hair Oils

If there is one hair product should be declared as essential to every hair routine, regardless of your hair type, it's hair oil. If you're not using a hair oil, well, start. Why? Hair oils replace essential moisture lost during shampooing and styling. They protect your hair from damage from heat tools, brushing, combing, and environmental elements. They treat dryness, damage, split ends, and frizz. They make your hair more manageable, less tangled, reduce static electricity, and restore shine. A few drops of a great hair oil can change your hair in an instant, and over time help restore life to limp, over processed, dull, dry hair. I don't go anywhere without hair oil. Oh, they'll also take gum out of your hair, which is one tip you'll probably thank me for when you least expect.

The market is flooded with hair oil as of late, and we've tested most of them. What have we discovered? While they aren't all created equally, they are all pretty close to the same. Some are a little heavier, some a little lighter, they all have a unique fragrance, and every hair oil has something about it that's unique. It's usually that little bit of uniqueness, and the value that you put on it, that makes one hair oil more attractive than another. Here are my top ten favorite hair oils to try.

Isle of Roses, Rose Hair Oil, $65

Isle of Roses Hair Oil
Courtesy of Isle of Roses 

 If you want a hyper-luxe hair oil to sit on top of your nightstand or vanity so you can take #shelfies, this is the one. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it's one of the most lightweight hair oils on the market. The primary ingredient, essential oil from Bulgarian Damask Roses, is combined with Musk Rose seed, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E to create an oil that smells, looks, and feels perfect. The minimalist packaging is great, but nothing compared to the product that's inside.

Playa, Ritual Hair Oil, $38

Playa Ritual Hair Oil, which is a nice yellowish orange color
Courtesy of Playa

 The first thing that will attract you about Playa's Ritual Hair Oil is the smell. It's a combination of sandalwood, black coconut, and orange blossom. But it's refreshing. It smells like a beach vacation. That's, however, not the best thing about it. The best thing about it is that it's light, effective, and cost-friendly. There's plenty in the bottle, and it's a big and well-designed bottle. Thanks to Kukui nut oil, it's light enough to even work into fine hair without giving it a greasy look. Plus, it's UV protective.

Oribe, Gold Lust Oil, $38

Oribe Gold Lust nourishing hair oil
 Courtesy of Oribe

​ Oribe are never one to make a bad product, and their Gold Lust Hair Oil is no exception. The entire Gold Lust line is one of their best-sellers. The Gold Lust Oil is great for what it sounds like—shine. If you've got thin hair this is one you don't necessarily want to put up near your scalp, but if you're looking for a great nourishing and finishing product, this is absolutely it. Rub a couple drops between your hands and over a slick ponytail for a hairdo that radiates power.

Verb, Ghost Oil, $16

Verb's Ghost Oil
Courtesy of Verb 

 This is one of the best oils to recommend to others or give as a gift.  Like everything from Verb, it's $16, which makes it much cheaper than the majority of hair oils available. A little bit goes a super long way, it's small and easy to carry in your bag, and it works on what seems like every hair type. It's not the kind of oil that will weigh your hair down, but a little does go a super long way. It's also small and easy to carry in your bag, and it works on what seems like every hair type. It's universal.

Ouai, Hair Oil, $28

Ouai Hair Oil
 Courtesy of Ouai

Ouai is one hair brand that almost never puts out bad products—and would you expect otherwise from Jen Atkin, hairstylist to the stars, anyway? A hair oil is an essential part of any great hair routine, and Ouai seem to know that—their oil is lightweight, and contains Ama, Borage, and Baobab Seed oils, none of which are necessarily common in hair oils. It also has that signature Ouai "Rue St Honoré" smell, making it just as effective of a hair perfume as it is a hair oil.

Captain Blankenship, Mermaid Hair Oil, $34

Captain Blankenship mermaid hair oil, it comes in a blue bottle with a white cap
 Courtesy of Captain Blankenship

​ A hair oil almost as wonderful on the outside as it is on the inside, Captain Blankenship's Mermaid Oil combines some of our favorite oils into one all-encompassing, light, easy-to-use product. If you don't know which nut or seed's oil you prefer, this has Kukui, Jojoba, Fir, and Argan oils (among others) for a truly one-of-a-kind product. It's all-natural and smells delicious, too; what more could you want?

NatureLab. TOKYO, Perfect Shine Oil Mist, $16

Naturelab. Tokyo's Perfect Shine Oil Mist
 Courtesy of Naturelab. Tokyo

 Perhaps the most unique item on this list, haircare brand Naturelab. TOKYO developed their Perfect Shine Oil Mist with unexpected ingredients to create a totally different kind of hair oil. Grape stem cells, pearl extract, and hyaluronic acid are combined for a hair oil that's meant to be sprayed, not massaged, into your hair. It's good for any time you want a carefree shine with some health benefits on top. The beaker bottle would make a cute addition to any bathroom shelf, too.

Rahua, Elixir, $175

Rahua Elixir
 Courtesy of Rahua

 For those who need a serious hair oil, this is your best bet. Rahua, for those uninitiated, is a brand that takes the oil from a nut off of the hungurahua tree, native to the Amazon rainforest, and uses it to give you awesome hair. (They get the oils from indidgenous Amazonians in a sustainable fashion, btw.) The Elixir is just pure Rahua oil, and it's different from other hair oils in that its molecules are slightly smaller, so can enter hair more easily. A little goes a long way—and while it does make your hair feel thicker and healthier, it doesn't weigh it down. It may be a bit cost prohibitive, but if your haircare is particularly worth it to you, it's a great product.

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment
Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. Courtesy of Amazon

Moroccanoil Treatment’s versatile, nourishing, residue-free multi-award winning formula is arguably the leading hair oil on the market and a stylist's favorite. It can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It cocktails perfectly with your styling or other nourishing products, and speeds up drying time. This popular treatment can completely transform and repair hair, as the formula replaces lost proteins for strength, includes fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine, and the right mix of antioxidants for protection. Moroccanoil absorbs quickly into your hair to fill the frizz causing gaps in hair's cuticle created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

If the original Moroccanoil Treatment is too heavy for your hair type, it also comes in a light version, which is equally amazing, just a little lighter.

(Updated by Carolyn Hanson)