Timeline of Terrell Owens' Antics

Terrell Owens attends The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

Wide receiver Terrell Owens has made his mark in the NFL as one of history's greatest receivers, but his impact on the league hasn't always been on a positive note. About Football has put together this timeline featuring some of Owens' more infamous antics during his NFL career.


  • During an October contest in Dallas, Owens celebrated scoring a touchdown by running to midfield of Texas Stadium and posing on the star logo of the Cowboys. He later repeated his actions following another TD and was blindsided by the Cowboys' George Teague.


  • After blowing a 19-point lead in Chicago and losing in overtime, the disgruntled receiver accused head coach Steve Mariucci of protecting good friend Dick Jauron, head coach of the Bears.


  • In an October contest on Monday Night Football in Seattle, Owens pulled a 'Sharpie' marker out of his sock after catching a TD pass. He then proceeded to autograph the ball and handed it to his financial adviser sitting in an end zone luxury suite rented by Shawn Springs, the CB he had just beaten on the play.
  • After scoring a touchdown in a December contest with the Green Bay Packers, Owens celebrated with a pair of Pom-Poms borrowed from a 49ers cheerleader.


  • Following a bumpy season that included several sideline tirades by Owens, he and the team decided to part ways.


  • Owens’ agent failed to meet a free agency deadline in March, making him ineligible to become a free agent. Because they retained his rights, the 49ers then traded him to the Baltimore Ravens, but Owens refused to report to his new team. He expressed his desire to play in Philadelphia, and filed a grievance, claiming he should be granted free agency. After a series of negotiations, a deal was worked out between the three teams which sent Owens to Philadelphia where he signed a seven-year, $49 million deal against the advice of the players’ union.
  • In an interview with Playboy magazine, Owens hinted that ex-teammate Jeff Garcia was gay, a claim he later recanted.
  • In a November contest with the Baltimore Ravens, after scoring a touchdown, Owens openly mocked Ray Lewis by performing the middle linebacker’s trademark celebration dance.
  • In a Monday Night contest later that month, Owens appeared in a controversial skit to kick off the network’s presentation of the game which resulted in an FCC investigation.


  • Owens hired agent Drew Rosenhaus in April and announced he was not happy with his contract. He also tells CNBC that, despite making $7.5 million in 2004, he needs a new contract to “feed his family.”
  • After hinting that he might hold out of training camp, Owens shows up with a bad attitude, refusing to acknowledge the media or speak to his teammates. After a confrontation with head coach Andy Reid, he was suspended for one week.
  • During an interview with ESPN's Graham Bensinger on November 3, Owens took shots at the Eagles franchise for not publicly recognizing his 100th touchdown catch. During the interview, he stated the Eagles showed a "lack of class." He also suggested the Eagles would be better off with Packers QB Brett Favre instead of Donovan McNabb.
  • On November 4, Owens issued a half-hearted apology through the media but failed to deliver comments regarding Donovan McNabb, which head coach Andy Reid insisted he includes.
  • Owens was suspended November 5 by the Eagles for the club's contest against the Washington Redskins on November 6.
  • On November 7, Owens' suspension was stretched to four games, and head coach Andy Reid added that Owens would not play for the remainder of the season.


  • On March 14, the Eagles cut Owens just one day before he was due a $5 million roster bonus.
  • On July 5, Owens released a tell-all book revealing his side of the story associated with his time in Philadelphia.
  • On July 13, Owens claimed he was misquoted in his autobiography. Owens blamed the use of the word 'heroic" in association with his return for Super Bowl XXXIX on his co-author.
  • On August 3, Owens missed the first of 14 consecutive days of practice because of a hamstring problem despite an MRI two days later revealing no significant issues. After returning to practice for several days, Owens claimed he re-aggravated the injury because his coaches pushed him back to the playing field too soon. This time he didn't return to practice until August 29.
  • On August 10, while still out with an injured hamstring, Owens drew attention to himself by wearing the silver and blue uniform of Lance Armstrong's Discovery Channel pro cycling team while riding a stationary bicycle on the sidelines.
  • On September 26, Owens was taken by ambulance to Baylor University Medical Center for what was thought to be a suicide attempt. The following day, Owens denied trying to kill himself, claiming a mixture of pain pills and supplements caused him to be "out of it" when talking to emergency respondents.
  • On October 11, Owens had a run-in with receivers coach Todd Haley. After being chastised for showing up late for practice (he later explained he was in the bathroom), Owens and Haley tangled during a meeting later in the day.
  • On December 16, in a victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Owens spit in the face of cornerback DeAngelo Hall.