Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve


The Bottom Line

Few manufacturers bring the same sense of fun and whimsy to male sex toys as they do to sex toys marketed to women. Tenga is setting out to change all that, and their newest product, the Tenga Eggs are a great start. These affordable, fun to use sleeves offer a squishy textured alternative to your own or someone else's hand. Available in six different styles (and yes, if you buy all six, it does come in an egg carton!) the Tenga Eggs spark the imagination and are great for solo or partner play.


  • Affordable and discreet, each sleeve comes in a plastic egg carrying case.
  • Very stretchy, suitable for penises of all sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can also be turned inside out and used as a textured vibrator sleeve.
  • Reusable, although the material can tear so rough play is not recommended.


  • While the material is very stretchy, sharp objects or too much strain can tear the sleeve.


  • Each Tenga Egg Sleeve comes in a hard plastic egg case, and comes with a sample of Tenga lubricant.
  • Sleeves are available in six texture combination of ribs and dots; Silky, Stepper, Twister, Spider, Clicker, and Wavy.
  • Most stores sell a six pack at a discount off the single price.

Guide Review - Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve


Tenga Eggs feel great, they work well, and they are fun for either masturbation or partnered sex play. They are also highly recommended as they are a departure from the sometimes serious, often narrow minded, construction of what a penis sleeve sex toy should be.

Traditionally these toys are sold as "masturbators" for lonely guys probably watching porn in their basement apartments. While there's nothing wrong with this, it's usually framed in a negative light. Here's a toy since you can't get the "real thing". There has always been something vaguely heterocentric in the marketing of these toys as well, further narrowing the scope of what kinds of self-pleasure men can have.

Tenga Eggs are game changers in this respect; an adorable twist on the classic penis sleeve.

They're downright cute, and frivolous, and they're open to almost any interpretation. They clearly aren't replacements for other kinds of sex, nor are they designed for a particular kind of man.

Each sleeve isn't very long, but they are made of a highly stretchy material that can be put over the head of the penis and pulled a considerable way down the shaft. But the focus is on providing intense stimulation of the head or glans, through pressure and friction. Inside each sleeve is a combination of different ribs and textures that produce surprisingly intense stimulation.

Tenga Eggs also make for easy clean up. The lubricant mostly stays in the sleeve, and if a man ejaculates it is also contained in the sleeve. Sleeves turn inside out for easy cleaning. The only drawback to the Tenga Eggs, which are likely unavoidable given their texture, is that the material is not that durable. Care has to be taken not to tear it, and it probably has a limited life span. Although given the low price this seems more of an annoyance than a major design flaw.