Ten Very Cool Ways to Tie a Headscarf

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Head scarves are hot for spring and summer fashion. Christian Vierig/Getty Images
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Stylish Headscarves and How to Tie Them

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Headscarves are perfect for a time when you want to keep your hair away from your face, as a form of protection from the sun and to create a stylish look, even if you didn't wash your hair that day. Have some scarves that you want to use as a stylish head covering? Here are some ways to stylishly tie a headscarf

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Tie a Headscarf Like a 50s Housewife

Photo: Babble.com.

For a chic retro look, try this very easy way to tie a headscarf like a 1950's housewife. A look like this works with jeans and a tee, cropped pants, and fun sundresses.

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Top Knot Headscarf

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If tying your hair in a top knot seems like an easy and effortless way to pull your hair up, now you can do with some style using a scarf.  Check out this easy top knot headscarf tutorial.

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Tie a Headscarf Like a Turban

Photo: Beautyblitz.com.

Turbans aren't just for fortune tellers. Grab a large scarf and use this tutorial to easily create this head covering style. 

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Use a Scarf to Create a Turband


What do you get when you cross a turban and a headband? A turband! This is super cute and something you can easily do with your own scarves using this tutorial

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Headscarf Headband

Photo: rannka.com.

Wearing a scarf like a headband across your forehead isn't a look only for bikers.  Try this boho headscarf headband look with these step-by-step tips.  It looks chic, downtown and edgy. 

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Casual one Knot Headscarf

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Need to get your roots retouched?  Have an oily scalp and not time to give your hair a good wash?  Check out this casual one knot headscarf tutorial.  Nobody will know what is going on underneath the scarf. 

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Rosette Headscarf

Photo: itsalisa.com.

If you prefer your headscarves to look more feminine and less haphazard, then you have to check out this adorable rosette headscarf tutorial that looks way harder to create than it actually is.  Can you believe that this look can be created in just three steps? 

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Tie a Scarf Into a Doek

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A Doek is a South African a square of cloth worn mainly by African women to cover the head, especially to indicate married status. ake this traditional turban headscarf style and add it to any casual look by watching this easy video tutorial.

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Work Your Scarf into Your Hairstyle

Photo: accessoirescheveuxchic.com.

Here's an idea you probably haven't thought of, working your scarf into your hairstyle.  Most women use scarves to cover their hair, not enhance it. While the steps in this tutorial on how to do it are in French, even those who don't speak the language will find the photo directions simple to follow. 

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Side Bow Headscarf

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This headscarf is so chic with it's side bow styling. It's a beautiful summer look that will work with any elegant casual outfit while also elevating something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans. Don't like the side bow? Not to worry, just shift the knot to the back of the head. Take a look at these step-by-step instructions on how to create this look.