Ten Tips for Better Lesbian Sex

Tips for Lesbians to Improve Their Sex Lives

Your sex life doesn't have to be in a rut to want to improve it. Even the most sexually compatible lesbian couples can take their love lives to the next level of intimacy. Try some or all of these tips for improving your lesbian sex life.

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Do you tend to jump right into bed and get down to business? Incorporate more sensuality into your lovemaking, like gentle caresses, massage or even feathers and candle wax into your routine.
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Get Freaky.

Likewise, if you tend to be the slow romantic type, try getting a little more rough and rowdy in the sack—with her consent, of course.
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Take the time to read her a sexy story and get both your imaginations and your juices flowing.

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Sex Toys

There are a lot more options than just dildos and vibrators. Browse a lesbian friendly vendor like Babeland or Good Vibrations and pick something out to take your loving to the next level.

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Touch Somewhere new.

Don’t just focus on her breasts, her lips, and her clitoris. Kiss her toes, behind her knees, the small of her back and her fingertips. If you’ve never tried anal sex, discuss it with your partner and see if she’d be open to giving it a try.

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Be Romantic.

Come home with flowers for no reason at all. Run her a bath and feed her sensuous foods, light candles and play sexy music. A romantic evening doesn’t have to lead to sex that night, but it will enhance your overall love life with your partner.

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Send Her Messages

Build up the sexual tension by sending her sexy messages to her cell phone or private email account, telling her just what you plan to do to her the next time you see her. (Warning—be wary if her phone could be picked up by someone else. And also know that many work places can and do check employee email conversations.)

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There’s nothing more sensual than two women’s lips together. Here are some tips for kissing like a pro. More »

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Push the Boundaries.

Have you always wanted to try something like gender play or packing? Sex in a public place or go to a sex party? Work up the nerve and push yourself past your comfort zone.

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Add a spiritual component.

Tantric sex isn’t just for aging heterosexual male celebrities. Sex can be a deeply spiritual experience. Tantric Sex for Women is a good place to start.