Ten Simple Ways to be More Romantic

Lesbian Romance

Romance can happen any time. One of the secrets to a long and happy relationship is feeling loved and appreciated by your partner. It’s the little things that make her feel special and that you’re still in love with her. Here are some simple ways to be romantic with your girlfriend, partner or wife each and every day.

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Read her a romantic story or poem out loud.

Read her a Romantic Story
© Steve Woods

Try Best Lesbian Romance series or Best Lesbian Erotica by Cleis Press. Read her a poem from one of your favorite poets. Or write your own poem or short story and read that to her.

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Leave her love notes.

Love Letter
Love Letter. © Justyna Furmanczyk

Stash one her in lunch box or on the windshield of her car. If she’s going out of town, stash one in her suitcase. Put a love note on the bathroom mirror. Stick a note in her pants pocket so she finds it when she gets to work. If you’re going to be out of town or you don’t live together, hide one on her pillow with a piece of chocolate.

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Go for a drive outside of the city.

Vermont Fall Foliage
Take a Drive in the Country. © Lew Robertson/Getty Images

Put some love songs on the stereo and your hand upon her thigh.

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Play a Love Song

Love Song. © Marja F-B

Pick a romantic song that reminds you of her and leave your CD player or iPod out and tell her to hit play. Or, if you're a musician, serenade her with one of your own tunes or a favorite love song.

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Sunset, Champagne and Flowers

Seneca Sunset
Watch the Sunset. Courtesy of Seneca County Tourism

Buy a bottle of champagne and some flowers and pick her up after work. Take her to place where you can watch the sunset.

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Take her on a Mystery Date.

Mystery Date. © Rose Ann

Just tell her how to dress and when to be ready. Then take her somewhere fun and unexpected, like to see one of your favorite bands, to the zoo or on a Ferris wheel ride.

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Watch a romantic lesbian movie together.

Watching Movies in Bed
Watching Movies in Bed. © altrendo images

Pick one of our favorites, or choose one of your own.

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Mother and daughter walking on beach
Walk on the Beach. © Lauren J

Take a moonlit, beach or riverside walk together. Hold hands and talk about your dreams for the future.

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Call and Text

Text Message
Text Message. © Aschwin Prein

Call or text her during the day just to say you’re thinking about her.

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Plan something sweet and sexy.

The Fish Child Bathtub scene
Sexy Bath. courtesy of Indie PR

Run her a bubble bath, give her a foot rub or shoulder massage, model some sexy new lingerie or buy a new sex toy and spend the evening in.