10 Signs She's in Love With You

For Lesbians: How to Tell If It's Love

How can you tell if the person you’re dating is in love with you? When you’re in a new relationship, you may wonder if what you’re feeling is really love or if you’re just physically attracted to her. Are there any sure signs that this is true lesbian love? Cher said if you want to know if she loves you so, it’s in her kiss. Sure, that’s one way, but here are a few other signs to look out for when you’re trying to tell if this could be love:

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She Calls You All the Time

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She wants to tell you about the funny thing she saw on her way to work or about the kitten video her niece just sent her. As a matter of fact, she spends time looking for funny kitten videos to send you because she knows you love them. When she’s not calling you, she’s texting you, instant messaging you or tweeting with you.

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She Wants to Know About Your Life

You spend time talking about your hopes and dreams and she asks lots of questions about what you want out of life. She wants to know about your past as well as your future. She loves hearing the story about your favorite pet bunny and how you had aspirations to be in the NHL. She doesn’t tire of you talking about your struggles at work and encourages you to keep working toward your degree and finding something better.

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She Buys You Great Gifts

By great gifts, I don’t mean she spends a lot of money on you, it means she remembers that you wanted to be in the NHL and she buys you a jersey from your favorite childhood player or she comes home with your favorite brand of yogurt when she knows you’re running low. She brings you flowers for no reason and makes you cookies and leaves them by your door. Her gifts show that she’s thinking about you all the time and that she really listens to what you have to say.

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You Can See It in Her Eyes

When she looks at you, you can see that her eyes linger, she smiles or lights up when you walk in the room. When you talk, she moves her body toward you. When you’re talking, she’s looking at you, not her phone or the hot girl who just walked into the room. When you walk away, her eyes follow you.

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She Can't Keep Her Hands off of You

When you sit on the couch, she snuggles up as close to you as she can. When you’re walking down the street, she reaches for you hand. When you’re sitting across from one another, she touches her foot to yours. She likes your energy and wants to connect with you.

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She Tells All Her Friends About You

She’s proud to be with you and wants everyone that’s important in her life to meet you. She introduces you to her family and friends. She wants to meet your parents and your friends too. She’s interested in integrating your two lives together.

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She Makes You Feel Good and Special

She compliments the way you look, says she loves you in those jeans, tells you your eyes are pretty and that she loves your sense of humor and your paintings. She tells you she has faith in you, that you can accomplish anything you want and that she’s going to back you up in whatever you set out to do. You feel like you’re on top of the world with her at your side and that you can accomplish anything.

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She Makes You Laugh

You look forward to spending time together because you have such a good time with her. She gets your sense of humor and the two of you enjoy many similar interests. Even in the difficult times, she helps you see the bright side of life.

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She Misses You When You're Gone

If you don’t see each other for a few days, she lets you know she’s missed you. She wants you to have your own life and experiences, and has many of her own, but also looks forward to the time you will spend together and wants to cultivate shared interests so you can spend quality time together.

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She Tells You She Loves You

If she comes out and says it, then you can be sure that she really does love you. It takes a lot of risk to tell someone you love them. If she says it, believe her.