Temporary Summer Housing Options for Interns

Housing Is Available in Several Major Cities

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A summer internship can be a great opportunity, but when it is in a different city from where you live or attend school, housing can be a challenge. Resources like intern housing can match interns with property owners who have rooms or apartments available to rent on a short-term basis. Schools, employers, and fellow interns also can be good resources for finding suitable and affordable housing. Explore all options to make sure a lack of housing is not the obstacle that keeps you from a great internship opportunity.

Potential Resources

If obtaining your internship through a specific college or university department, check to see if they participate in any programs that help place interns in housing. Even if your adviser cannot direct you to a specific placement program, she likely has contacts she can connect you with who may be able to help with housing. Schools help students set up internships on a regular basis, so it is a good bet that relationships have been built over time that can help you in your search. If your internship is near another college or university, that school may offer temporary housing on campus. Your current school should be able to direct you to other schools that offer such services.

If the employer who is hiring you for the internship regularly hires interns, it might also have established relationships with local property owners who can provide interns with housing. While organized programs will be more likely with larger employers who hire many interns, even smaller businesses in smaller cities are likely to have informal connections that can help.

If your school or your employer are not able to connect you with housing, they may still be able to connect you with current or recent interns who found housing in the same city where you will be working. These fellow interns may be able to provide you with leads to housing, and they also are most likely to be honest about which properties are the best, and which ones should be avoided.

If your internship is in a large metropolitan area, it's possible there are local services available that connect interns with housing. Some internet research or a call to the right department in City Hall might lead you to such a group or neighborhood organization that facilitates such connections.

Specific Examples

In addition to general resources, it's important to be able to see some specific examples of groups that help provide housing. While not all of these examples will be applicable to your specific circumstances, they may offer some additional ideas about where to look. Some of these groups might also be able to connect you with similar options in the city where you will be working. 

  • American University is Washington, D.C.'s most attractive housing option for visiting interns. It offers competitively priced housing in an ideal location for students coming to the nation's capital.
  • Educational Housing Services offers safe, affordable student living in New York City and elsewhere for students from across America and more than 50 countries. Call 800-297-4694. 
  • Georgetown University Summer Housing offers housing for interns, other students, and even those attending professional conferences. It's located on the Potomac River and the surrounding area offers cultural activities and social life. Reach out by email at conferencehousing@georgetown.edu if you're not already affiliated with the university.
  • Housing options in Washington, D.C., are offered through the National Organization for Women Action Center. Visiting students will be on the front lines of the women's rights movement. NOW also offers its own internships. 
  • The International Student House in Washington, D.C., offers residences to thousands of eager young men and women who annually descend upon Washington for graduate work, scholarly research, professional training, internships, and the American experience. Call 202-232-4007 for more information. 
  • New York University Summer Housing provides a residence hall that will offer a safe and convenient place to call home while taking classes, working, or interning in New York City.
  • The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City offers summer intern housing that features loft-style apartments with 24-hour security, air-conditioning, city views, full kitchens and bathrooms, wireless Internet, and cable TV—at no additional cost.
  • The New School Summer Housing in New York City offers affordable summer housing in the Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and South Street Seaport areas for interns, associates, visiting scholars, summer clerks, summer program students, and visiting groups. Call 212-229-5459, ext. 3610. 
  • The Orlando Area Student Intern Society offers safe, affordable, short-term housing for interns in the Orlando, Florida area. It also works with local employers to offer students an internship placement service.
  • The Catholic University of America provides summer housing to individuals who are in Washington, D.C. for educational purposes. This includes internships, co-ops, research, and educational study.
  • The D.C. Housing Guide lists housing options for students doing internships in DC.
  • Washington Internship Student Housing (WISH) is a good choice for students who want a location close to the nation's capital, Congressional offices, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, and metro stations. Call 202-548-2720 for rates and further information.