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10 Teleconference Services to Help Small Business Owners Stay Connected

A reliable teleconference service is vital for any small business owner who needs to stay connected to clients and colleagues without traveling for face-to-face meetings.

There are many different teleconference services available, offering a vast array of features to help small business owners streamline their phone meetings and facilitate collaboration. Here is a collection of both free and paid teleconference services that demonstrate the variety of options and features available to help you start your search.

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AccuConference offers conference call services that have the tools you need to keep your participants engaged. They also offer Web conferencing with collaborative tools and desktop sharing, and video conferencing functionality that lets you meet "face-to-face" wherever you're located.

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AT&T Conferencing Services


AT&T Conferencing Services include audio, web and video collaboration tools that help small businesses conduct meetings faster and more efficiently. You can choose from completely self-run or fully managed meetings, and access a number of features that can help you collaborate more efficiently.

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conference call provides a variety of conference calling services for small businesses at a reasonable cost. They also offer Web conferencing functionality so you can share visuals, collaborate and meet participants face-to-face via video.

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FreeConference offers a full range of conferencing services for small business owners. The basic service is free, with a number of add-ons available such as a toll-free dial-in number, conference recording, desktop sharing and a dedicated bridge line.

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GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 15 people, including the ability to share any application on your computer in real time. You can create instant meetings with a single click, schedule meetings in advance and integrate the service with other applications.

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Microsoft Office Live Meeting

microsoft live meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 is an online meeting space that allows you to conduct teleconference calls and collaborate in real time. In addition to voice services, Live Meeting allows attendees to deliver a presentation, brainstorm ideas, edit files and collaborate on whiteboards.

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No Cost Conference

no cost conference

No Cost Conference provides small business owners with the ability to make free conference calls right from their telephone, not through VoIP or a web application. Features include unlimited conference time, free recording and moderation controls.

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Skype lets you connect with multiple Skype contacts on one call, plus share documents and presentations during your call. You can also create business accounts for your employees in Skype Manager, and they can easily set up conference calls to stay responsive and productive with colleagues, partners, and clients.

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Toll Free Conferencing

toll free conferencing

Toll-Free Conferencing provides affordable conference call services for small business owners who want to connect between three and 300 callers. Their conferencing services support any type of phone, and the service includes features such as call recording, call management, and operator-assisted conferencing services.

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Verizon Conferencing Solutions


Verizon Audio Conferencing offers monthly plans that come with a personal dial-in number and security passcodes. You can schedule instant meetings without a reservation, get 24/7 access, manage your conference from your phone or the Web, and host up to to 20 phone lines in a conference.