Teen Capricorn - Zodiac Signs

December 21st to January 21st

Credit: by ana gassent / Getty Images.

Capricorn begins with Winter Solstice, and teens with this Zodiac sign are strong survivors.

There's a lot on your young shoulders, and you hold yourself to high standards. That's why you're the achiever of the Zodiac and sometimes considered hard to get to know.

Your reserved nature can be intimidating to more jokey types. But that doesn't mean you're not funny! Sometimes it takes a while for others to get your humor because it's on the dark side, or flavored with sarcasm.

You don't like to be rushed into anything, especially friendship. Capricorn in Love is pretty reserved.

Capricorn teens are often close to family and interesting in family heritage. That grows out organically to include the region and nation but often begins with a strong sense of place. You might enjoy researching your family tree or asking older relatives questions about their time.

Loyal Friend

You are more at ease than other signs around older people. And you might see eye-to-eye with many adults. You're a dependable friend, and chances are, you'll keep many of your high school friends into your own old age! See if you don't enjoy the old-fashioned rituals of friendship, like writing letters in long form and sending by snail mail.

You're wary of getting into anything too serious, and it's possible you'll date friends you've been friends for a long time. It's important for you to be sure of someone's character before you go anywhere with them. It's good to honor that quality, since it can lead you to experiences of love with the depth you want, but also not too fast. 

Power and Control

A key to your nature is being in control of yourself. And you've got this to a greater degree than other signs. You're simply obsessed with making the best use of your time and resources.

You're the uphill climber of the Zodiac, and it seems at times that life piles more on your plate than on others. As a young person, you can seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Your ruler is Saturn, the planet of earned rewards. It's not your style to coast and wish for the best. You put effort into your schoolwork, and any activities you choose to explore. You are very ambitious and are willing to put in the time, to be good at what you do.

Some Capricorns take it to extremes and are ruthless in their pursuit of goals. Read more about the Dark Side of Capricorn.

Stuff and Work

You're an earth sign and the one that begins the cycle (cardinal). You are born with a strong desire to make your mark. You might show a talent for a job, while a teen, that gives you some early independence. It's possible you're the one saving for a big ticket item, like a telescope, a scooter, or for that day you step out on your own. You're the one who others marvel at, for working your way through school or rising to leadership at your part-time job.

The Capricorn teen is often given many responsibilities, because you're trusted and can handle it. This is a sign of high ethics when there's a sense of service there. Your good name at school or within your family is a source of pride.

Capricorn Traditional Associations

  • In tropical Astrology, which is based on the Sun-Earth relationship, Capricorn begins at the auspicious time of Winter Solstice.
  • The symbol is the mountain goat, known to climb impossibly steep mountains. The lesser known symbol is the mythic Seagoat, an all-terrain creature, who plumbs the depths of the ocean, and climbs the highest peaks!
  • Capricorn rules the body's structure, like joints, especially the knees, and the health of the bones, teeth, and skin. Capricorn teens have strong bodies, with a strong constitution
  • Capricorn's element is Earth. Teen earth signs are achievement-oriented, like to be useful, and have sharp senses.
  • Capricorn's quality is Cardinal for initiating, sustained effort to make a big impact!
  • Capricorn's opposite sign is Cancer. Read about the Cancer-Capricorn polarity.

Mountain Climber

  • You've got a secret stash of reserves, which is why you’re the achiever of the Zodiac. You're not one to make a big deal of all you've dealt with, but others sense it in your character.
  • It's not uncommon for Capricorn teens to be overwhelmed by the sense that Life is hard. Be sure to go toward what lifts your spirits, and take time to do things just for fun. Resolve to be your own best friend!
  • Some Capricorn teens are on the conservative side, drawn to clubs and junior achievement programs that bring some status among peers. You pride yourself on having a good reputation.
  • The Capricorn teen has a wicked sense of humor and sharp observer of life and people.