The Teen Scorpio and Pisces Love Match

Credit: Ascent Xmedia / Getty Images.

Sensitive Scorpio and Pisces spot each other in a crowd, and the fascination begins. Before you even get to fully know each other, you'll feel a happy rush of anticipation from what might be coming next. The earliest days of your budding relationship are full of wonder.

Often, it's the eyes -- there is something magnetic in them, almost like a magic spell. When young Scorpio and Pisces look into each other's eyes, they find the windows of the soul. The beginning of a relationship, as it is for many, is a time for fantasy -- both of these signs have active imaginations. Feelings between the two of you can be so intense, that it's tempting to go all in and not look back. 

There can be a real tenderness and dream-like tone to your match-up -- lucky for these two, the affection flows naturally from you both.

Off the Deep End?

The imagination is a great gift, but it can also lead to melodramas and crises of your own creation. It can be said that Scorpios are very willful and often have a desire to keep hold (energy-wise) of everything and everybody in their inner circle. This command of the space -- the intensity that Scorpios have -- can lead to bossy behavior in relationships.

The trait of being powerful, on a subtle level, is what makes Scorpios so intriguing -- and what leads them to go after their heart's desire. But a young Scorpio could be enamored with this power and enjoy the feeling of having another under their control.

It's also why the young Pisces is wise to take it slow and look for red flags. If your Scorpio crush is enamored with dark magic, that should make you take pause. A young Pisces often has a very open energy field, and is super sensitive to all kind of vibes -- another's poison juju can actually make them sick.

When the young Pisces is finding their way, they're vulnerable to more strong-willed personalities. Keep in mind that this can turn abusive, which is all the more shocking when there's a deep love there. It's easy for Pisces to lose themselves in another person, so spend time apart, with friends, family or on your own. 

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means you're changeable and goes with the flow. On the other hand, Scorpio is a fixed sign, for powerful emotional-psychic currents that have a strong pull. Trust is essential, as you move together in all kinds of waters -- both blissful and treacherous.

Being True

Scorpio can be a secretive sort. For example, they likely don't appreciate being tagged without permission on Facebook, and if you post a private picture, you're walking on thin ice! Keep in mind that they like to reveal things in their own time and way. It takes time to truly win their trust and get to know Scorpio at a deeper level.

There's a saying "Loose lips sink ships." Pisces can have a tendency to be porous and an oversharer. Scorpio can show Pisces that to hold things back allows them to build power. It also helps to define your own personal boundaries. And if you're psychically invaded by a Scorpio, you learn how to recover on many levels. A "bad" Scorpio can teach you about having boundaries and getting out of abusive relationships.

Soulful Signs

What starts out in an atmosphere of enchantment can become stuck in a negative holding pattern, looping over and over. Both are emotional water signs, and healthy relationships take maturity. There are some things we aren't ready to deal with until later in life. With young Scorpio and Pisces, there can be a wistful sense of "If only we had met when we could handle it."​

So enjoy the closeness and the magic of such a profound friendship. This connection can be a port in the storm, as you both have deep instincts for what the other needs. Or it can be a taste of intimacy worth striving for, even if you don't stay together for long.