Teen Scorpio

Oct 21/23 to November 21/23

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Scorpio's nature can be understood, looking at its season -- when all of nature is going through its death cycle. The leaves turn magnificent colors in their surrender and fall. It's an organic cycle of breakdown and change so that there can be a rebirth in the Spring. The compost and heat make the blooms of new life possible.

Scorpio teens carry an instinct for the birth-death-birth cycle, and this shapes their personality. Many of you are psychic and wise beyond your years!

Strong Character

The Scorpio nature shows up early -- look at baby pictures and see the undeniable Scorpiocity (intensity). You're self-composed and because you don't miss much, you're intimidating at times -- people know you're taking it all in. You live with an awareness of the unseen dimensions -- psychic and emotional -- and often your demeanor is smoldering. Yours is a water sign but ruled by Mars and Pluto, both planets of the fire and the later, transformation.

As a Scorpio teen, you can seem serious, compared to lighter schoolmates. You can be drawn to books and movies that seem scary dark to others. Yours is a sign that craves mystery and depth. Be aware, though, of the trap of becoming enamored with intensity and drama. And of wielding psychic power over others.

Scorpio teens can endure a lot of stress, but you'll want to avoid such extremes if possible. You like to have a few confidants, rather than a whole slew of superficial friends. You can be very private, and it's hard for you to forgive if someone has spilled your secrets. You come across as hard to get to know, but to good friends, you show a soulful and intensely loyal side. It's hard to win your trust, but you're not a fair-weather friend. You're psychically built to weather great storms and show courage to face what others run from.

Scorpio is NOT a Bad Sign

Some Scorpio teens struggle with depression and become stuck in complex moods and emotional patterns. I know a Scorpio teen who turned that intensity toward performance, and later visual arts. You'll thrive if you go deep into areas of great interest to you, and can be cathartic.

You need a lot of time to decompress, and private space to be with your thoughts and feelings. Seek out the things you enjoy and remind you of life's pleasures, and the light side. Humor can be a great catharsis for your intensity.

You have a need to explore your own light and shadows, and love to turn over psychic debris, secrets, and hidden motives, to discover the deeper meaning. Your knowing can astound people, and help them understand their own natures better. As a friend, sibling, son or daughter, you can be a healing presence. It can take time to find the right expression for your gifts. Yours is an ambitious sign that wants to be fully immersed in what you're doing -- at school or with your work later. Once you find a focus for unique vision into the seen and unseen, you're set on a path to success.

Traditional Scorpio Categories

Alchemist and Healer

  • Scorpios have sexual magnetism and benefit more than other signs from a deeply intimate, cathartic sex life.
  • It’s a sign that fears being controlled, but can be “bad” itself, through psychic and emotional manipulation.
  • A preoccupation with the darkness of life can lead to danger, or to being a master of soul level healing, like energy work, visualization.
  • The ability to see in the dark gives Scorpio a window into human behavior; this is the raw material for the arts, detective work, writing, politics, business, counseling, and law.