Teen Party Idea: Throw A Movie Night Party

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A Movie Night Party for Teens

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Everyone loves a good movie night with friends and it is easy to host your own outdoor movie party. This is a fun party idea for teenagers, 18th birthday or even a college gathering.

Take Movie Night Outside

A movie night gets added oomph when the screen is outdoors. It has that drive-in movie feel (without the cars, of course) and can be a very memorable event. 

If possible, you might even think about transforming movie night into a pool party! Whether it is your own backyard pool, at a friend's house, or renting out the local public pool for the night, this can add a fun twist to summer parties.

The movie doesn't even have to be a good one! In fact, the more ridiculous it is, the better.

This is the time when you can pull out old 'B-movies' like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  or The Blob. If it involves sharks or piranha at a pool party, you may even go down in history as the cleverest host of the year.

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Setting Up the Movie Night Venue

Inflatable Movie Screen
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Movie night is a perfect backyard or swim club party. You can spend as much or as little money as you like and customize the entire party to fit the guest list.

The Movie Screen

With enough space (and money), you can screen the movie on a giant inflatable screen. These can be expensive, but they are enormous and very cool!

Many rental stores and inflatable game vendors have options available in various sizes. You can also search online for "jumbotron inflatable movie screen."

The Free Movie Screen

The free approach works beautifully as well.

You will need:

  • A laptop and laptop projector or a DVD projector
  • A plain white wall or king-sized white sheet

Projectors can also be rented for the evening and you might be able to borrow one from a friend or local organization.

Keep your movie screen a good distance from the main seating area so guests can take in the entire spectacle without straining their necks.

If using a white sheet, iron or steam it to remove wrinkles. Hang and clamp it into place so it is as taut and smooth as possible.

The Backyard Movie

Setting up a movie in your backyard is very easy. All you need to consider is the distance guests are from the screen, then remove any clutter so they can sit wherever they like.

  • Mow the lawn a day or two in advance so grass clippings are not fresh.  Don't forget to clean up after the dog!
  • Encourage guests to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.
  • Gather extra blankets for guests who forget or don't bring their own.
  • Set up a table in the back for the projector and another for snacks and you are ready for the party!

The Pool Movie

Staging the pool movie is just as easy. The only difference is that you will add a few water toys for seating and give guests a dry option for watching the movie.

  • Toss plenty of inner tubes or pool noodles into the water for "seating."
  • Provide stacks of towels, pillows, and blankets for post-dip comfort.

Depending on the air temperature, your guests may spend the entire screening in the pool or just the beginning of the movie. Plan your seating areas accordingly.

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Choosing the Perfect Movie for the Party

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The movie you choose can set the theme of the party and can be selected for the group of teens that will be attending.

If your party is filled with sci-fi fans, a vintage alien invasion movie or "Star Trek" flick may be perfect. For a group of teenage girls, a fun musical (old or new) may be more appropriate.

Also, there is something irresistible about floating in the water while watching a campy movie filled with man-eating sharks or piranha.

Try the original "Jaws," "Deep Blue Sea" (1999) or Roger Corman's original, uber-campy "Piranha" (1978). The original SyFy Channel creature flicks like "Sharknado" and "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid" are fun options as well.

Finding the Movie

If using your laptop and home Wi-Fi connection, you can stream the movie from Netflix or any  of the other popular streaming websites.

For those renting a DVD projector, plan ahead. Search local and online stores for the perfect title.

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Movie Party Night: The Food

The perfect entertainment snack
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Start your party at dusk. This will give guests a chance to grab a quick snack and get settled in before darkness falls and the movie begins.

The Popcorn

Popcorn is a must at any movie! If you like, rent a commercial popper for the event. If there is a popcorn store in town, stop there and stock up on a variety of flavors. You can always make a bunch of popcorn in your kitchen and have it ready to go for the party.

Popcorn does come with its drawbacks. It is perfect movie-watching fare, but it spills easily and is a mess around swimming pools.

Popcorn Alternatives

In addition to popcorn (or as a cleaner option), you might want to consider these foods for your movie night.

  • Party-sized sub sandwiches or pizza.
  • Classic concession candies like Red Vines, Raisinettes and Milk Duds.
  • Embrace the aquatic motif with Swedish fish and other gummy candies.
  • Bring out hot chocolate and s'mores as the temperature drops.