Teen Cancer Zodiac

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  • Cancer dates are June 21/22, but they change every year, so check it.
  • The symbol is the Crab, a toughie outer and softie inner.
  • Cancer rules the belly and chest/breast; some might struggle with weight early on, especially if eating is a way to deal with stress.
  • Cancer teens with a crazy home life have a harder time coping than those with a balanced, emotionally calm atmosphere.

The Sign, Not the Disease

First off, let’s get one thing straight – the sign has nothing to do with the illness cancer. The sign of the Crab constellation, Cancer is known for being super sensitive. Those who know a Cancer teen will soon learn that they’re strong too, with deeply felt relationships and secret dreams.

Close to Family

A young Cancer is very tied to its parents and suffers intensely if there's a lot of conflicts. The Cancer teen is psychic and picks up on things that go unsaid. It's hard to lie to a Cancer that everything is fine when it's not. A Cancer teen can be overwhelmed by the problems in the home, especially if they're not able to express how they're feeling.

If you're a Cancer teen, it's not unusual to appear shy to others. But that's just in the first stages of getting to know people. It's not easy for you to trust, so you take your time with friendship. You're good at keeping secrets, especially your own!

Emotional Surfer

Your overall vibe is of being cuddly, sincere and a bit childlike, and this makes others want to protect you. Cancer teens often create a little family of friends at school, in which to feel safe and "in a shell." It's true that sometimes you come across as aloof, but that's your defense against feeling too much, too soon.

Cancer Places

Your sensitivity means you're easily jarred by harsh noises and too many people. You do better with a less is more approach. If you take your time getting to know someone, especially if you like them as more than a friend, you respect that sensitivity. If you go too far, your Cancer compass gets whacked and spins wildly. You might lose all sense of judgment, in that case, and be impulsive. Tip: Take your time in all new relationships, respect your sensitivity.

You'll know you're in above your head emotionally when the crabby side of your sign comes out. When backed into a corner, or overwhelmed, your pinchers are locked and loaded, ready to give a ruthless pinch to anyone that bothers you. You don't just have moods, you ARE the moods. Getting a handle on your emotional life is a longterm project, though, so be patient with yourself.

You're happy when you've got a routine that allows for a lot of dreaming downtime. It's very healthy to spend time alone, and muse on your goals. Along with your big heart, you're graced with a vivid imagination, and the ability to make them happen. You may seem to be doing nothing, but that's your genius -- all the while, you're drawing from a deep creative well. You like to do things when nobody's looking, and have a good sense of timing to know when. Since you're likely to be a kind soul, you've got allies too, who root for you, and support you when they see you going for it!

It's tough being so sensitive in a world that's undergoing intense changes, as we are today. You can be a comforting presence in chaos, to friends and family. Trust your emotional intelligence, as this is a missing piece, without which we see a world out of balance.

The Goods on Cancer

  • Element is water (emotion, imagination).
  • Quality is cardinal (initiating).
  • Ruler is Moon (swoon!) and Cancer teens can feel judge as changeable.
  • Opposite sign is serious Capricorn.

Some of the Usual Correspondences

  • Birthstone is moonstone and pearl.
  • Crystals are amber, beryl, brown spinel, carnelian, calcite, chrysoprase, emerald, opal, rhodonite, ruby, moss agate, fire agate, dendritic agate.
  • Colors are iridescence, blues, greens, white, smokey grays.
  • Herbs are the mints (peppermint, spearmint), hyssop, verbena, and tarragon.
  • Trees are alder, willow, acanthus, sap-bearing trees.
  • See more about Cancer Sun Sign and its traditional associations.

Secret Life of Crab

  • Cancer teens share with a select few and often have one or two very best friends.
  • Friends are like family to Cancer, so it’s likely they’ll stay close through their lifetimes.
  • It’s very good if Cancer has a way of expressing all that’s in their hearts, minds, and imagination. Some get into scrapbooking, others journaling, still others art, dance, performance, photography or simply telling vivid stories to their friends.
  • Cancer is genuinely interested in the family tree and often has warm bonds with cousins, aunts, uncles, and other extendeds.
  • The Cancer teen is nurturing, and that caring makes them a good listener to friends or even a parent.