Zodiac Sign Aries Overview for Teens

March 21st to April 21st

Jumping off a dock
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The Aries teen stands out.  If this is you, you’re somebody who makes a blazing first impression.

You mostly talk with your outside voice -- are teachers and others always telling you to chill, pipe down, or let others have a chance? Don't let it keep you expressing yourself! I know a few adult Aries that have struggled with being told they're too much. Some of your challenges in life may come from accepting your true nature and accepting the big impact you have on others.

You’ve got a big personality, and the will to make a big impact. This is a good thing, when you use it to excel and motivate others to do their best, too.

If your Sun sign is Aries, you’ve got a lot of energy, and adults might not be able to keep up. Look for physically charged activities that get you excited, and are a way to stay challenged and moving forward.

On Edge

Aries is about beginnings, and you’re very good at that. You dive into new situations, like the first day at a new school, or learning a language. You like to be the one calling the shots, so if you join a group, you’ll likely be soon jockeying to be the president.

On the one hand, you're charismatic, confident, a natural leader, and competitive. On the other hand, your innocent rushing in can cause you to get blowback from others, or to miss key steps (mind the gap!) You rush into new relationships, too, and have a big, affectionate way about you. You've got a big heart.

Social Raver

You come alive in the spotlight, and have a hard time being alone.  You thrive on having many things going on, with a schedule that makes others tired just hearing about it.  When you’re bored, you start picking fights or get surly.  Keep yourself occupied, and your family and friends will thank you for it!

You've got a reputation for having a big ego and being selfish.  Oh no!  Yes, it’s true.  But don’t forget that it’s your healthy ego that allows you to move in the material world with such bravery.  Over time, you’ll find out how to balance out your urges, with the needs of others – this is where your polarity or opposite sign Libra comes in.  Read more about the Aries-Libra polarity.

You might miss the subtleties of an exchange, or trample on the feelings of others without realizing it. It’s just you’re a charged up type. You might have to spend some time doing damage control, though, since your nature is naturally on the provocative side.

Burning Self and Others

You are pure presence, and your natural pre-occupation with me, myself and I, is not meant to harm others. You’ve got a charming innocence that’s like the child totally absorbed with each new toy or person she meets. But watch out for the dark side Aries’ that uses that forceful will to intimidate, or who “burns” others with careless words.

You’ll want to work on your attention span, but that’s going to take work, in our world of head-spinning change and technology. To complete goals you really want, you can direct your will to stay the course. Being bored puts you in a dark mood. But you don’t hang on to old resentments, and this is why you’re so fresh to the new.  Aries-style depression happens when you're feeling helpless or under the control of another.

You're the sign with a re-charge capacity that’s energizing to those around you. Your big smile and face flushed with excitement can be contagious. Stay focused on what holds your attention, and find others who can fan the flames of your enthusiasm. It’s ok to be big!

You've got vitality to burn, but also need privacy and downtime. Your room is your place to dream and experiment. You can go through many dramatic changes, as you discover new music groups or styles. You may move in and out of friendship cliques quickly but are also a loyal friend.

Aries Begins Spring

  • Aries the first sign of the Zodiac always begins at the Spring Equinox. The dates for Sun Aries differ each year, but are around March 20-21 and run through April 19-21.
  • Aries is the Ram, and the Aries glyph looks like horns. The personality of Aries is like a ram, sudden and at times aggressive, bursts forward, to clash or “ram” against obstacles! Whoah!
  • Aries rules the head and face, so watch out for headaches and if you’re involved in physical sports, wearing protective headgear is a good idea!
  • The Aries teen has time on their side, since this sign rules adolescence.
  • Aries element is fire, for a nature that’s brightly lit, excitable, raring to go, forceful, urgent. Some Aries deal with Too Much Fire -- that you learn to deal with through trial and error.
  • Aries quality is cardinal for the spirit of initiation and being a leader at school or in the friend circle.
  • Aries ruling planet is Mars, the red one!
  • Aries, the sign of discovering the “I am” fully is opposite to air sign Libra, the sign of relationships.
  • Aries is positive and masculine, in the categories that help us understand the energies (but don’t have anything to do with gender or good or bad).

The Adventure Begins

  • Aries myth is the hero or heroine’s journey of discovery. Aries’ Tarot card is 0, the Fool, setting off on an adventure with just a small pack (very little baggage) and a positive attitude.
  • You’re a tease, and at times can be experienced as bossy or even a bully. The friction of fights is something you thrive on. You shine when you turn that into reaching for your own personal best, through sports, artistic courage, or being ‘first’ in anything.
  • You get crushes fast, but also move on quickly. You can unintentionally leave a trail of broken hearts.
  • Like in love, you are super enthusiastic about something, but drop it when you’re bored. It’s very hard for you to stick with anything unless you feel challenged and alive doing it.