What's Your Teapot Worth?

Copper and tin teapot with oriental pattern, close up
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Teapots are both collectible and functional. If you're looking to grow your teapot collection, it's important to learn their value before you enter the land of online bidding. You can find lots of unique and valuable teapots on sites like eBay, but the prices there don't always match the teapots real value. Doing your research before hand will ensure that you're paying the right price. The following guides can help you price your favorite collectibles.  

Shanee and Hall's Antique and Vintage Teapots

Selection of teapots
David Malan/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Shawnee and Hall's teapots dominate thisgallery of teapot pictures and prices.

Paul Cardew

White Rabbit
White Rabbit. Barb Crews

A small selection of teapots from Paul Cardew including some limited edition Disney pieces.

Modern and Advertising Teapots

Vandor Telephone
Vandor Telephone. Barb Crews

Take a look at these contemporary teapots, along with suggested values and prices. This gallery includes Disney, Tetley Tea, Vandor and a fun looking Andy Capp.

Teapot Online Auction Prices

A sampling of teapot prices from recent eBay auctions.

  • Craftsman Studios, Art-Deco Copper
  • Shelley, Dainty Blue Teapot
  • Fiesta-Lilac
  • Hall China, President Ronald Reagan
  • Andy Titcomb, Sunburst
  • Lefton, Bluebird
  • Clarice Cliff, Harvest
  • Japan, Boston Terrier
  • Shawnee, King Corn individual teapot
  • Bing & Grondahl, Seagull pattern
  • Silver Crane, Golly Golliwog
  • Staffordshire, "Odds on Favourite" (Jockey)
  • Warner Bros, Pepe le Pew & Penelope
  • Fitz & Floyd, St. Nicholas
  • Kermit the Frog
  • Wheeling Flow Blue, La Belle pattern

Teapot Online Auction Prices

  • Matteo Thun, LE Memphis Sottsass - 1988
  • Fuller Crystalline Glaze Teapot
  • Belleek Shell
  • William IV Solid Silver Teapot - 1834
  • Clarice Cliff Autumn Crocus Teapot
  • Jim Bailey - Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
  • Bairnsfather Old Bill Tank Teapot
  • Homer Laughlin Currier Ives-Red Transferware
  • Ettore Sottsass "Cherries" by Alessio Sarri
  • Harker "Hotoven" Cottage Decorated Teapot
  • Shawnee Corn Teapot #65
  • Tea Leaf Teaberry Ironstone - 1870'S
  • Bauer Pottery Aladdin
  • Wedgwood Majolica Cauliflower $450
  • Johnson Bros Teapot Blue on White, Coaching Scene
  • Black Wedgwood w/Figure Finial
  • Prattware Teapot/Stand Orange w/transfer

Hall Teapots

A sampling of teapot prices from eBay auctions which had multiple bidders. Each teapot was listed as in very good or better condition.

  • Hall "Pert" Design 6 cup
  • $137
  • Hall Aladdin Blue Gold Label Swag Teapot
  • Hall Red Airflow Teapot
  • Hall Teapot McCormick Collection 3232 Double Spout
  • Hall China Orange Airflow Teapot
  • Hall Donut Teapot w/flowers
  • Hall Twinspot Master Alma Chinese Red Teapot
  • Hall Powder Blue Donut Teapot
  • Hall Canary/Gold Kansas Teapot
  • Hall Birdcage Red 6 Cup Teapot
  • Hall Green Sundial 10oz Teapot

Novelty Teapots

A sampling of eBay auction prices for novelty teapots.​

  • Sigma Kliban Cat Santa Hat Teapot
  • $103/116
  • Enesco Prayer Lady, Mother in Kitchen Teapot
  • Sigma Kliban Cat Rocket Ship Teapot
  • Tony Carter - Leopard Print Shoe/Shoebox Novelty Teapot

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