Teapot Collectibles and Resources

Collectible teapots can range from fun/cartoony to elaborate antiques worth thousands of dollars. There is something for every taste in decorating, every personality in collecting and every budget.

Is there anything more reassuring and comforting than a cup of tea? I think not and perhaps that's part of the reason why teapots are such popular collectibles.

Teapot Picture and Prices Galleries

Vandor Taxicab Teapot
Vandor Taxicab Teapot. Barb Crews

Pictures ranging from a whimsical Mickey Mouse Fantasia to a 1726 Meissen teapot. Some galleries will also show values.

Collecting Novelty Teapots

Vince McDonald of Totally Teapots shares the history of novelty teapot collecting, what to look for and when they were produced. If you're interested in beginning a teapot collection, McDonald's articles are an excellent start.

  • History of the Teapot
  • Teapots Collecting in the 20th Century
  • About Vince McDonald

Talking About Teapots

More on teapots including an overview of teapot collecting and different categories to consider collecting.

  • Talking About Teapots
  • What Type of Teapot to Collect?

Tea Time Ornaments

Patricia Breen Connaught Bees Santa. Connie Porcher/Glass Links

Patricia Breen's recent glass ornaments of Santa pouring tea inspired Connie Porcher to explore Tea at the Connaught. Find out more about this British tradition and enjoying an afternoon tea.

  • Afternoon Tea -- The Great British Tradition
  • Tea at the Connaught
  • Patricia Breen's Connaught Santa Ornaments

Artist Teapot Links

If you like the collectible artist teapots, check out these direct links.

More Resources

There are lots of web sites that highlight the collectible teapot, here are a few of my top picks.

Stuff for Collectors

Interested in more teapot stuff? How about teapot shaped cabinet knobs? Teapot books? What about teapot shaped lamps? There are lots of ways to show your love of teapots around the house.

  • Stuff for Teapot Collectors