An Introduction to 'Team Umizoomi'

"Team Umizoomi" image showing characters from the show.

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Featuring the familiar voice of Donovan Patton (Joe from "Blue's Clues"), "Team Umizoomi" is the first math-based show of its kind for preschoolers. Colorful settings, adorable characters, and lively music make this series entertaining as well as educational for young children.

It's a computer-animated show designed specifically for kids. While the show no longer airs new episodes, you can still find the previous four seasons on multiple streaming services.

In the show, the characters communicate directly with the viewer, encouraging them to follow along and try problems out for themselves. When the characters succeed in solving a problem, they encourage the viewers to dance in celebration along with them.

The show also has a "how does it work" portion, where the characters of Team Umizoomi explain how everyday things come to be. They may explain how eggs get to the grocery store or how letters end up at your front door.

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Bot from Team Umizoomi on a multi-color background.

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Bot provides the intelligence and insight for Milli and Geo on Team Umizoomi. When kids need help with a problem or situation, they call Team Umizoomi on Bot's Bellyscreen. Bot's TV computer tummy allows Team Umizoomi to talk with the child and check-in. His bellyscreen also provides information Team Umizoomi might need as they work to help the kids of Umi City.

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Geo from Team Umizoomi on an off-white background.

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Geo, voiced by Ethan Kempner, is Milli's brother. Geo is a master builder who can build anything with his shapes, and his creations come in handy as Team Umizoomi uses mighty math powers to come to the aid of kids who need them.

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Milli from Team Umizoomi.

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Milli is voiced by Sophia Fox. She has a unique dress that can match any pattern. Not only that, but her pigtails can grow out to become a thermometer, a scale, or a ruler.

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Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi stickers.

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Team Umizoomi to the rescue! Geo, Milli, and their best friend Bot use mighty math powers to come to the aid of kids who need them in this Nick Jr. series for kids. As Team Umizoomi meets challenges along the way, their Umifriends are encouraged to help them by using math skills, such as color and shape recognition, counting, measuring and more.

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Team Umizoomi in Their Car

Team Umizoomi in a yellow car.

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The landscapes are filled with texture, shapes, and color in the Nick Jr. series for preschoolers, "Team Umizoomi." It's a uniquely educational show designed for young children.

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Bot, Geo, and Milli

Team Umizoomi all three characters on a blue background.

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"Umifriends," the children watching the show from home, are also part of the cast. Geo, Milli, and their best friend Bot often ask the Umifriends to help them solve problems. Children can get experience with measuring and shapes through watching the program.