Taurus Sun With Moon Signs

Find out how the location of your moon affects your Taurus-ness

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Taurus is a rooted sun sign, and the moon sign shows the emotional roots. The sun and moon relationship is a key one in the birth chart.

Taurus is a fixed (rooting in) earth sign that follows the sprouting of spring, with Aries. Like your season, you bloom and bring things to fruition when you've got stability and the setup to grow at your own pace. 

Significance of Your Moon

Your moon in its Zodiac sign and house signifies your emotional underpinnings. You might be a Taurus who gets wanderlust (with the moon in Sagittarius) and ventures forth from the nest from time to time. A Taurus with a homey Cancer moon is most cheerful when surrounded by what's familiar and cozy.

The Taurus instinct is to cultivate his or her own garden, whatever that garden is: a home, an enterprise, a life with art, a family, or the mastery of a field. Taurus is Venus-ruled, and there's often a desire to experience pleasure and beauty and to match the slow, sensual rhythms of nature. 

The moon sign guides to how the bull winds down from all that steady effort. It's a key to the way Taurus reacts in a crisis situation or when he or she lets loose. Because Taurus can be a fixedly stubborn sign, the moon gives clues to emotional flexibility and ability to be receptive to another in a close relationship.

Find out about your moon by looking for the symbol on the birth chart.

Aries Moon

With an Aries moon, a Taurus is less likely to stagnate (with the heavy unsaid) in love. There are strong instincts to keep moving, emotionally and with creative energy. At home in high-intensity situations, courage is tested. A person has a strong will and physical vitality. This Taurus relaxes when trying new things and is comforted by new beginnings.

Taurus Moon

Double Taurus gives the person a base of patience that sets him or her up for steady progress over time. This person has a need for unscheduled time, to just be. Emotions reinforce the drive of the sun (central purpose), resulting in a deep sense of stability. A double Taurus is a sensualist who is revived with long stretches in nature.

Gemini Moon

A rare Taurus is one with a Gemini moon. Your curiosity about people makes you socially fluent with lots to say. The moon gives you a paradoxical nature, able to build up something solid and lasting, but also having the instinct for what's most current. This person chills out with magazines, the 'net, music, and lively conversation.

Cancer Moon

A Taurus with a Cancer moon has a need for a close circle of intimates (or friends-as-family) or a family. This person is a seeker of comforts and nurtures others with tasty homemade creations. This Taurus has an interest in family but can carry the past and be weighted down by it. He or she thrives with a sense of place and staying put but has a neighborly feel that radiates out from home. 

Leo Moon

Tauruses with a Leo moon are motivated only when their heart's in it. The sun is in tension with the moon here, so these people have a tendency to throw their weight around, especially when feeling dissed. This Taurus can be generous with resources but also demands proper respect. He or she enjoys bawdy humor and is a playful lover. 

Virgo Moon

A Virgo moon is particular with routine, which mixes with stubborn Taurus traits to create a persnickety character. This person is comforted by a steady work rhythm and a sense of order at home. He or she can be a perfectionist, in pursuit of craft (in art) or material goals. A wholesome lifestyle near nature is settling to this restless spirit.

Libra Moon

With a Libra moon, the sun and moon are both ruled by Venus, the planet of desire, which brings about artful living and generally feeling at ease. This Taurus is at home in a twosome, in love, and with friends. He or she is able to weigh alternatives and avoid getting bogged down in a set path. This person relaxes when playing host/hostess, with delicacies and luxuries, and in clear, open spaces.

Scorpio Moon

With a Scorpio moon, the Taurus sun and moon are in a showdown across the Zodiac (an opposition). This person can experience extremes of soul merging, with its dangers and the caution of the bull in love. Emotions also include a swinging between intensity and calm that evens out over time, with life experience. This Taurus desires to strike at the heart of the matter and undergo periods of great metamorphosis. He or she often finds ordeals that test personal mettle. 

Sagittarius Moon

A Sagittarius moon makes for a Taurus with a traveling heart and desire for first-hand experiences. This person shines in fields that are expansive yet allow for building a body of work, along with mastery. A freedom lover, this Taurus is a no-holds-barred sensualist who makes for a passionate lover. He or she gets jollies with vigorous activities, such as endurance running, power yoga, or dancing.

Capricorn Moon

A Taurus with a Capricorn moon shows ultra reserve here, such as being a friend who takes time to know. The person conserves energy for experiencing something new until it's shown that it's a worthy investment. He or she has a deep resonance with the earth's pulse and has an instinct for what's truly healthy. Restful downtime revives.

Aquarius Moon

For a Taurus with an Aquarius moon, the sun and moon are at odds, with a square. Both are signs that tend to stubborn stances. There exists a creative tension to work through, between the desire for order (stability) and the desire to ride incoming waves that scramble everything. This person is not effusive with feelings but will show affection through respect for individuality and by being a stable presence. He or she relaxes with books, fringe ideas, and tinkering with innovations, an eccentric, trendsetting artist.

Pisces Moon

A Taurus with a Pisces moon is a solid persona that's also aware of the unseen and the dream realms. This Taurus is a natural builder of enchanting and evocative forms. The raw materials are impressions flowing in the great all, and the discipline of the bull gives it shape. He or she needs solitude to find peace, after picking up vibes and feelings in the atmosphere.