What It Means to Have Taurus-Scorpio Moon Nodes in Your Birth Chart

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The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes. The North Node is the direction of the soul over the lifetime, and this tends to kick in after mid-life. The South Node is considered your inheritance. 

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is one of creating stability, either emotionally or materially.

Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node

Those with south node in Scorpio have come from lifetimes of deeply understanding others’ pain and suffering, including their own. They, like Libra South Node, have always thought of themselves as a part of a duo, rather than singularly. But with Scorpio south node, the ante has been upped. The experiences aren’t just about relating; it's about relationships of unusual intensity and most likely, crisis types of situations in relationships that truly test the soul’s resilience.

The types of relationships that seem to manifest are deeply psychological ones; ones that really test the mettle of both involved, but particularly the Scorpio south node person, the relationships are about as far away from casual as could be. Indeed, the “all or nothing” or “life/death” nature of their relationships keep these people in constant crises, which can be a real soul drainer, for themselves and everyone around them When life tailspins in this direction, the person will feel possessed, and obsessed.

When it gets to this point, then the person has completely surrendered their own person over to the other, one is doing all the taking, the other, the giving.

Hopefully, through all those experiences, these people have, through difficulty and adversity, learned about how power is used and shared. They have accumulated power from lifetimes, and if they have lived lives of integrity, have used that power to help and assist those close to them.

And always, from the past, find themselves in the discomfort of intensity. Intensity always ups the anxiety level in a person and can create a whole series of emotional tensions that are hard to let go of. At some point, all that must be released, and allow the soul some rest.

What is the ultimate evolutionary purpose for these people? SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY. From complex relationships to the simplification of their own spirit. How is that done? By first eliminating (good Scorpio word) as many complications as they can, and find the still, simple life of just BEING, without all that drama added. If everything is so intense emotionally, from the Scorpio south node, it would stand to reason that perhaps this lifetime is just finding a place to settle down, within oneself? If they can separate themselves from their own and others’ very demanding dramas, they can learn the ultimate lesson: to be at ease and totally comfortable.

Scorpio North Node/Taurus South Node

It really feels good to relax and lump up on the couch and not do a darned thing. No movement, no stress ...just doing nothing at all. The lifetimes of relaxing and vegging have been enough to sustain the Taurus south node person, in the sense of learning an inner contentment and peace. Taurus is very content to let things ride - not make any extraneous or necessary movement unless it is really necessary.

The emphasis on the sensual aspect of life and the seeking of comfort has been a requirement of this soul for many, many lifetimes. Indeed, the seeking of comfort has always been the prime directive. And also, through the comfort, the reliance of the self on the physical material world.

Because of this tendency, they will end up feeling cut off from their inner emotional depths. They will find themselves using “things” as a substitute for feelings. And because of that, there is the tendency to go it alone, and just rely on themselves.

However, when the soul must move towards evolution in Scorpio, the soul finally realizes that they must enlarge their perspective beyond their own physical borders. They have had long-held beliefs and value systems that are likely worn out, because of their own fixed way of thinking; in this lifetime, the value systems will undergo a complete transformation, based on outside input from others.

The real issue here is connecting--not just for relationships, but to actually get off a stuck point in themselves, and broaden their own sense of value and worth. This process will not be easy, because it must be done at the core level of their being. Once that process is initiated, however, they will have rich, deep experiences with others. Which, when they come home to roost, enrich their own inner world.