Taurus Full Moon in the Houses

Earthing Possibilities

Full Moon
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Magnetic Pull

In fixed-sign Taurus, the Moon is considered exalted in traditional astrology.  The lunar receptivity becomes calm currents in Taurus, that are sensual and settled in vibes as slow as nature itself.

And with peak intuitive powers, the chances for practical magic are high. That means shifting a situation at a deep level or tapping soul wisdom for the answer to an everyday issue.

How will you earth the outbursts of the Taurus Full Moon? Favored in the high-spirited glow are activities that increase contentment, abundance, and pleasure.

Taurus and Scorpio (Sun) in opposition look to strike that balance, and bring soul urges to the fore, and into our reality. Deep longings surface, and desires are strong. Taurus is Venus ruled, for creating and living in beauty.

Scorpio (Sun) is Pluto-ruled, with the urge to compost the old into the new, and birth seeds -- new projects and plans -- from the soul.  There's more Pluto potency, with a trine (to the Moon).  And this invites the chthonic (earthy) magic that feels substantial, fortifying and authentic to the core.

Take time to settle into those deeply relaxed states that allow you to ally with the natural world, the Earth, and its rhythms. 

Forecast by Houses (Find where Taurus falls in your own birth chart)

Taurus Full Moon in the First House:

(House of Aries and Mars) You want to be seen and bust out, but with the calm confidence of your Taurus rising sign. Your presence is charged at this Full Moon, and that's how you draw what you want. You can be single-minded (or obsessed) with throwing your weight around to make an impact. This is about personal charisma, a sense of substance, allure and initiating from that atmosphere of the self.

Your impulse to be out front and push a situation forward is strong. And so is your passionate desire nature. If you're attracted to someone physically, it's hard to hide it. You ooze sensuality and this amps the urge to merge intimately. The loony impulse makes you want to possess what you love. Moon Musings: Self-containment builds your power. Experience that intensity undiluted, and muse on your priorities. Wear what makes you feel sensual, natural.

Taurus Full Moon in the Second House:

(House of Taurus and Venus) Here the Full Moon is at home, in matters of belongings and values. The outburst is brought on by a desire to fully realize your natural gifts, and bring them to form. This favors acts that increase self-reliance while acknowledging the contributions of others, as well as what's been inherited. A time to look at investments, and scythe off what's toxic and a drain on your lifeforce. Epiphanies come about your motives or a psychic need for something -- is it keeping you from getting a return on what you put in?

How can obsessions serve you? A full Moon to settle into preoccupations that are soul food and potential income streams. Moon Musings: Free yourself from co-dependent financial entanglements. Push to the fore, actively cultivating your skills, talents, resources. Cozy up to the place with what's nourishing inside and out.

Taurus Full Moon in the Third House:

(House of Gemini and Mercury) There's some taking care of business going on here. The drive is to get busy putting your social network to a useful purpose. The social surge gets you out and about for relaxed socializing. But there can be an underlying aim of building a solid web of support -- with neighbors, work mates, siblings, acquaintances, colleagues, and friends.

Moon Musings: Get mingling, and watch these connections grow into authentic allies and friends. Invest in currents (media, clubs) that make you feel established. Good times, simple pleasures, synchronicity that's life-enhancing in some meaningful way.

Taurus Full Moon in the Fourth House:

(House of Cancer and the Moon) Epiphanies about a shared investment, and psychic motives of different parties. Dealings with an inheritance -- emotional or real (estate). Looking at renovating, to alter a place, to sell or make it new for yourself. Tenacious roots dig in where you are now. How to make it a place where you can flourish, feel safe and uninvaded.

Filling the well at home, so you can unwind and meet the world with sensitivity (not shut down, de-sensitized). Musing on your private life, and who you are "out there." Strong actions that signal that having a place to land is a priority. This extends to having a supportive family and friend circle.

Moon Musings: Saging or burning sandalwood to purify your space. Committing to the land, like putting container plants into the earth. Having an atmospheric, intimate dinner soiree to fill your home with delicious smells and good vibes.

Taurus Full Moon in the Fifth House:

(House of Leo and the Sun) The full Moon outbursts are to show off a real skill, or what you've built up. It's ideal for making crafts, holiday gifts or digging into your medium as an artist. You want to express your heart, but through making things, your art or the pleasure of being together. Your extroverted side draws you into get-togethers and spontaneous meet-ups. It's time to invest in what you adore (not just love) doing. This perks up your libido and you show, not tell, your beloved how you're feeling. A primo night for romance, that special feeling that takes you back to that initial attraction and first dates.

Venus is with you if you're looking to magnetize a lover. Flourishes in your look get you noticed.

Moon Musings: Get hands-on with the kids, create or visit an enchanted place. Take risks to be noticed, and with what's unique about you. Bring your artisan genius to completion. Invest in fun, sensual pleasure, relaxation.

Taurus Full Moon in the Sixth House:

(House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) Epiphanies pop about what kind of foundation you're building by the actions of the day-to-day. Do they feed your soul and sense of life purpose? Are they aligned with your values? Are you suffering in your daily schedule to the point of getting sick? This is for becoming aware of habits and then making firm choices that bring more ease into your day.

What's helpful is seeing into the structure of your days. What's the state of your body, soul, and mind? What investments or changes will work out the kinks?

Fortune Cookies: Unravel stress knots to unlock the secrets of the soul. Who (or what) are you serving and is it in synch with your values?

Taurus Full Moon in the Seventh House:

(House of Libra and Venus) Are you building love and other partnerships on solid ground? What psychic and emotional undercurrents are they built upon? What will make it more solid? There can be soulful heart-to-hearts at the Full Moon, along with the desire to be close physically. What's normally under wraps, though, can bust out -- it's a time for soul-baring, which can make or break a bond. A partnership that transforms as more layers are revealed, grows on ever stronger firmament. It's tested and proven strong and yet able to morph, with the revelations that come with intimacy.

Moon Musings: An act that demonstrates that love will endure the trials of life. Finding relief in being honest with a business partner or close friend about a deeply-entrenched (possibly taboo) issue.

Taurus Full Moon in the Eighth House:

(House of Scorpio and Pluto) An urge to find your feet, by transforming a deeply involving matter. It might involve funding that comes with strings attached. Look now at any arrangements, to see what's really being exchanged here. Is the price too high? In what ways (small and big), do you sell your soul for stability? And how does it unground you? This is a lunar peak for acting on the strength of your convictions, to stand on solid ground.

It's also about deep inner change around self-worth. Shedding skins and healing crises lead to feeling more stable, and able to cultivate your native talents. Breaking away from toxic situations and people frees you to discover buried potentials and skills.

Moon Musings: Are you bonding with others from the psychic stance of weakness or strength? Stability comes from knowing you can face what's in shadow, and weave it into your life's tapestry. True power is increased when you live your values.

Taurus Full Moon in the Ninth House:

(House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) The urge to live your philosophy in tangible ways. To be fully immersed in an absorbing learning adventure -- gaining real skills, expanding your field of knowledge. You might be fixated on purposeful travel, like an adventure closely linked to your life purpose and passions. What you're doing has to have meaning and fulfill a deep soul purpose. A lunar peak for acting to restore your faith, by embarking on a seeker's quest.

You prefer adventures that make sense in the scheme of your life. But an expanded outlook shows you how getting out of your usual routine -- for fun and spontaneous trips -- makes you more productive.

Moon Musings: Getting credentialed, going on sabbatical abroad, or spa/healing retreat. The attitude of global citizen with the planet as earth school. Tests of physical and psychic endurance.

Taurus Full Moon in the Tenth House:

(House of Capricorn and Saturn) Some notoriety comes your way, and hopefully, it's not from a fit of rage. The full Moon releases pent up energies, and this is a public house (tenth) for being on show. One factor could be overwhelming, and taking time to decompress goes a long way. Are you carrying a heavy load of responsibilities? A dedicated night for soaking and sensuality could be just the trick.

Big realizations can come about how you're making your mark in the world. You might sense it's time for a bold move, or that work and home life are out of balance. There's a chance for a peak moment with career, so not a bad time to make inquiries or mix socially with people in your field. Looking at the path to being self-authorized, with author a word that's related to the meaning "to grow." Are you growing strong roots in your work life?

Moon Musings: Is it time to widen your sense of what's possible with your life's work? Space to go deep at home and with intimates is a launch for feeling solid in public. An occupation that makes you feel productive and is satisfying to the soul.

Taurus Full Moon in the Eleventh House:

(House of Aquarius and Uranus) Here you're eager to find your place in the lively, buzzing world of people. A time to catch up with far-flung friends, especially those that you vibe with. Ideal for collegial events, for fun or with an aim in mind. You're apt to see practical ways to translate any innovative or ahead-of-their-time ideas thrown out. And to find very useful angles by looking at fringe topics, or listening to weird genius types.

Collaboration is favored and freaky, open-minded people bring out your own eccentricities. You can feel restless at this full Moon, and breakthroughs are possible. They come in areas of friend circles, associations, causes you're aligned with and overall perspective. Something new can hit like a bolt of lightning, but take time to bring it down to earth. Be alert to flashes of ideas that come from the future!

Moon Musings: Overcoming prejudices that keep you from widening your friend network. Celebrating your uniqueness, and that of others too.

Taurus Full Moon in the Twelfth House:

(House of Pisces and Neptune) One for exquisite self-care and a lot of downtimes. You can feel flooded (out) psychically and emotionally. This brings on the desire to be alone, and see how the washing in and out of the tide changes you. Another reason to seek solitude is that you've got heightened sensitivity, so avoid harshness. Tending to your body is a way to get to your soul, and calm the mind in the process.

A possible healing crisis happens that eventually leads to a great release. You get to deeply embedded memories and cellular emotional residue stored in the body. This can feel miraculous, and be dramatic, or it could be subtle. Give yourself time to explore the mysterious, with the body as a gatekeeper and holder of secrets.

Moon Musings: The universe is inside you, and there's always more to be revealed. Dreams give away hidden riddles about roles you're playing, and perhaps how they've gotten too fixed. You are super tuned into the buzzing aliveness of nature and the elements.