Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility

Couple dancing in the ocean
 Colin Anderson / Getty Images

Taurus is ruled by the lover Venus, and Pisces' ruler is Neptune, often called the higher octave of Venus. The desire is for total melting in love and swimming into each other, where boundaries blur in a rhythm of languid ecstasy.

Taurus likes a lot of space at first to sound out the object of desire. The idealistic Venus-inspired side of the Bull is aroused by the enchanting big-eyes and gentle nature of Pisces. The possessive Taurus sees a challenge in trying to catch this elusive fish!

Pisces in love is intoxicating, dreamy and sometimes, an escapist. 

Taurus in love is stubborn, sensual and often uninhibited with nudity.

Taurus and Pisces both thrive in mellow, aesthetically pleasing places. Great first date places are candlelit bistros, the cinema, the wilder part of the city park. Pick somewhere with atmosphere, to be able to absorb the vibe of the place and each other.

Getting Real

Pisces is drawn to the solid, dependable Taurus, perhaps thinking they've found lasting love. The 'lost child' Pisces thrives with a partner that's a guiding hand in real-world matters. Of course, this works best when the goal is to build confidence, not to create dependence or keep Pisces as an eternal child.

Taurus offers sound help with practical problems, offering up their fixed focus. This is also where Taurus shines with patience when respect is there.

Sweet Love

Pisces lures the more earthbound Bull into mystical moods with candles, music and the like. Both love to relax -- here's a couple that could spend an inert day at the beach.

Sex is dreamy and caring. Pisces is clay in the hands of skillful Taurus. And the faraway, yet intimate look in Pisces' eyes spiritualizes every physical encounter. For Taurus and Pisces, touch and tender emotion come together in a heady swirl.

Swamplands Alert

But either sign in its extreme leads to trouble in this pairing. Taurus as a sign of tangibles may sometimes think Pisces too scattered, and unable to cope. A very 3D oriented Taurus is no match for the otherworldly Pisces. Some Bulls see nothing beyond the material world. Pisces tunes into life on many levels. And Taurus can seem stagnant and spiritually dense to these Neptunian types.

Pisces is sensitive and easily bruised if the Bull starts to grow restless for signs of progress. And Taurus seeks out a material gain, while Pisces measures in spiritual or creative terms. If there is understanding, Taurus can help Pisces put shape to their dreams. And the emotional sensitivity of Pisces adds depth and meaning to the relationship. This is a loving, compatible match if they can avoid getting stuck in the mud.

Shared Artistry

Being good at what they do is a shared source of joy. Both are great purveyors of beauty and combined, create a sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit. Their home is decorated with things they've made or found on treasure hunts.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Pisces' ruler is Neptune. That's lucky because Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. The love and a shared love of beauty hit high notes. Everyday life has magic. 

A hot tub out back. Lots of sensual oils. A kitchen stocked with delicacies from around the world. If a cozy home life is created, it'll be right near impossible to pull these two apart!

  • Upside: Affectionate; mesmerized by a lover; artistic; receptive (water and earth); cravers of comfort and safety.
  • Downside: Stagnation -- emotional and physical; drug and alcohol addiction; escapism and hedonism; denial of anything amiss.
  • Element and Quality
  • Fixed Earth (Taurus) and Mutable Water (Pisces)