Tattoo and Piercing Friendly Jobs and Career Fields

Tattoo artist doing a tattoo
Nicola Tree/Taxi/Getty Images

It would be impossible for me to list each and every individual company on the planet that accepts people with body modifications (such as tattoos, piercings, implants, scarification, etc.), so the best way to at least point you in the right direction would be to list the general fields of interest from which each career path leads. The following is just a sampling of the kind of job fields that might work for you if you're having trouble finding work due to your physical appearance.

Various Artistic Fields

When you're in the artistic world, everything becomes more open and accepting. You can be a painter, an interior decorator, a photographer, an actor/actress, a jewelry maker, an architect, a graphic designer....there are so many different skills within the artistic realm that it would be impractical for me to even try to list them all. Some don't pay as well as others, and some require special schooling, but this is definitely the most accepting career field that you could possibly be in if keeping your identity as a modified person is important to you.


This is a field that usually requires vocational/technical schooling, but it's a great industry to be in if you want to be judged on your abilities rather than your appearance. People who have an understanding of computer technology and internet language are always in demand and are very often seen with a good amount of body art.

Bartender/Bar Staff

There aren't many clubs or bars that would have a problem with someone who has tattoos and/or piercings. The more training you have in a specific field (i.e. bartending, security, etc.) the more your skills will be useful to someone looking for help in their bar.


The home construction industry has its fair share of ups and downs, but commercial construction is always busy. And most employers don't care about tattoos, although for safety reasons it may be necessary to remove piercings or keep them covered when on the job.


It seems as if the culinary world and the body art world just go together like two peas in a pod. Chefs with body art are everywhere and if you can impress your customers with what's on their plate, they're not going to care how much ink you have. Some piercings may need to be removed or covered for safety purposes while on the job.

Commercial Driver - Transportation/Delivery

Many transportation companies, like taxicab services, are unconcerned with your outward appearance. In fact, many taxi drivers are technically "self-employed" - they pay their own expenses and make their own schedules. Delivery services - whether they be independent or company-specific, are also fine with their drivers having body art.

Waste Management/Removal

It may not be a glamorous job, but someone's got to do it and it pays really well. Whether you drive a trash collection truck or work in the recycling department, most waste management companies are accepting of employees with body mods.

Hair Salon/Spa Staff

If you have special skills doing hair, makeup, nails, massages, or any other salon/spa services, there's a good chance that your body art will be accepted in most shops. Some of them may be more pretentious than others, but there are many that service a trendy/couture crowd and are happy to accept employees who fit in with the edgy clientele. If you don't have any salon skills, you could still possibly get a job as a receptionist, but those availabilities are few and far between so be prepared to apply at a lot of shops.