Creating Goals For Your Acting Career

woman writing on clipboard

Lindsay Upson / Getty Images

Actors should set very clear goals in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. Pursuing a career in acting and entertainment means that there is a lot that is out of our control work-wise. There are endless reasons why we do or do not book a role, and often times it has nothing to do with how talented an actor is. We go from auditions to callbacks, to sometimes not getting many auditions, and also sometimes never booking a job for months! That being said, there are lots of ways to be proactive in your career, and take as much control as possible of your career in entertainment.   

Target Exactly What You Hope To Accomplish

The first step in seeing success as an actor is to set clear goals for yourself. As I mention in my articles about finding a talent agent, it is crucial that you know what it is that you're targeting. Research is very important. Are you going to target work in television, film, theater, commercials, print, or all of these areas? Far too many actors come to Hollywood without a clear plan to execute, and that can leave him or her feeling very lost. I can promise you that if you don't have a clear plan, you will not reach your full potential as an actor (and also, as a person). You are much too talented and incredible to allow that to happen! It is essential that you understand your goals and how to bring them to life. 

In order to help you determine exactly what you want to accomplish in your acting career, as well as other areas of life, I suggest writing down all of your thoughts and also creating a "vision/goal board." This is a board on which you may post pictures and/or quotes that can help to keep you focused on goals that you hope to achieve. In turn, it will also help you to narrow down what it is that you'd like to achieve. Hang it up in a place where you will often see it! For more tips on creating a "vision board."

Once you determine exactly what you want to accomplish, dive into the work! If there are multiple areas of entertainment that you're targeting, start by targeting one area at a time. Give that area your full attention.

Personally speaking one of my goals as an actor was to work within the soap opera community and daytime television. Therefore, my goal became: "Book Work on the Major Soaps." I wrote this goal on a piece of paper and taped it to the wall above my desk. After targeting a goal, it's time to break it down. (Click here to read about setting "SMART" goals as an actor!)

Now, the first step that I took to accomplish that goal was to research who casts these shows. You can find information about most casting directors online. Check out "The Call Sheet," published by "Backstage" or check out a service called "Casting About." Sometimes, I'll research casting directors by utilizing the "SAG-AFTRA Showsheet," which is available to SAG-AFTRA members and includes information about who casts what show. 

The next step that I took was to plan to meet each casting director and casting associate. I chose to do this through reputable and educational casting director workshops and classes. By focusing on my specific goal, I have been able to meet (and form great business relationships) with all of the casting directors who cast the major soap operas in America! 

Once you target a goal (in my example daytime television), you can move forward with doing the work to accomplish that goal. An exciting note here: I have worked on all of the major soap operas as of now, (so far it's been extra work and a few under-5 line roles). I am currently not a "contract player" or series regular, but I have still made my way onto all of the soaps and have actively been achieving my goal!! And I cannot tell you how fortunate and excited I feel for booking these little roles!! 

You can truly achieve anything - through hard work, determination - and goal-planning!