Organize Your Receipts With Receipt Management Software

Software and Apps That Simplify Managing Your Receipts

If you're tired of searching through numerous slips of paper stuffed into shoe boxes or file folders, it's time to enter the digital age. Storing and finding all of your receipts, as well as organizing them into expense reports, is much easier if you turn paper into digital files. Going digital also allows you to easily locate receipt documentation when you need it by conducting a search based on keywords you recognize, such as groceries, hotels, gas, and car maintenance.

Whether you want to store receipts in the cloud, use a mobile app, or scan-and-store your receipts, any one of these options will help you complete expense reports faster, document tax-deductible expenses, keep insurance records, or manage receipts for any reason. It's worth noting that online and mobile app options generally use bank-level security.

Cloud Services to Organize Receipts Online

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You can organize, store, and access receipts in the cloud using an online service as long as you have an internet connection.

Online apps that organize receipts enable you to create expense reports quickly, when and where you need them. These applications offer a variety of ways to capture your receipts, including email, SMS texting, and your smartphone's camera. Some of these applications have built-in expense reporting tools and options for exporting to software such as Quicken, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Excel.

Mobile Apps to Organize Receipts and Expense Reports

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Because of the constant improvements in mobile technology, including cameras on iPhones, tablets, and Android mobile devices, using a mobileapp to organize receipts and complete expense reports is far more convenient than using a desktop or online software. 

Mobile apps can store expense report data in the cloud, saving space on your mobile device and some work with an online app. Some offer fully automated processing by importing details directly from credit cards or mobile phone scans and can generate detailed expense reports, including cost categorization, date, vendor, and other relevant information. The best news is it's all filled in for you. 

Receipt Scanning Software

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If you have tons of receipts to organize in order to get reimbursed for expenses, document tax-related expenses, or back up insurance claims, and you need a fast way to complete expense reports, there are some good desktop software options for Mac and Windows that can be used with your current scanner. There are also small mobile scanners that you can purchase for your time away from the office.

First, start up the software and run receipts through the scanner that's powered by a USB connection to your computer. Data is pulled from the receipt into the software, and a copy of the receipt is saved. Most of the time you don't even have to enter or correct any of the information.

Going Digital

By transforming your paper receipts into digital files and expense reports, you no longer have to spend hours hunting through paper for information or organizing paper receipts into a logical sequence. Cloud services, mobile apps, and software scanners can perform these tasks automatically, which can increase the accuracy of your finances and help you to keep track of your expenses.