Guide to Playing Table Tennis with Long Pimples

Welcome to the Dark Side...

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Kelvin Murray / Getty Images

I've dealt elsewhere with the subject of how to play against long pimples in some depth, and now it's time to take the other side and discuss how to play with long pimples instead. In this Guide to Playing With Long Pimples, I'll be discussing the following topics in some depth:

When you walk the road towards table tennis stardom, ignore the mutterings of the speed gluers and stride past with your head high, for sooner or later they'll take one sniff too many of their equipment and pass out in the gutter.

Shake warmly the hand of those who use anti-spin and short pimples, for they too work to confound the bloopers and keep the flag of table tennis diversity flying high.

And when you encounter that rarest of all men, a hard batter, buy them a strong drink, for they are made of stern stuff indeed and keep the traditions of our table tennis ancestors alive.

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