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I've been planning to write an article listing recommended table tennis blades for beginners for some time, but one thing you soon learn about ping-pong is that it is almost impossible for one person to keep up with all the equipment on offer!

So I put the question of "What is a good beginner blade?" to the members of the forum, and here is what they came up with.

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Butterfly Primorac Blade


The Butterfly Primorac table tennis blade is often one of the blades recommended to new players when they want to buy their first blade without rubbers. This is because the Primorac blade has good feel and control, without being too fast for players still developing their technique. Generally considered to be a 'can't go wrong' the first blade.

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Donic Appelgren Allplay Blade

Photo of Donic Appelgren Allplay Table Tennis Blade
Donic Appelgren Allplay Table Tennis Blade. Photo by courtesy

The Donic equivalent of the Butterfly Primorac blade, the Donic website claims that this blade is good for 'all modern table tennis strategies where ball control is most important.'

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Butterfly Timo Boll Blade

Timo Boll Blade
Timo Boll Blade. Photo courtesy of Table Tennis Pioneers

This is another Butterfly all round table tennis blade recommended by our forum members. Do not confuse it with the Timo Boll Spirit blade, which is a much faster carbon-arylate blade.

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Butterfly Grubba Carbon Blade

Photo of Butterfly Grubba Carbon Table Tennis Blade
Butterfly Grubba Carbon Blade. Photo by courtesy

As mentioned on the Butterfly website, the Grubba Carbon blade is designed for the all round and/or controlled attacker. This has been recommended by our forum members as a good starting table tennis blade for a beginner who has his heart set on using a carbon blade.

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Stiga Allround Classic Blade

Photo of Stiga Allround Classic Blade
Stiga Allround Classic Blade. Photo (c) Table Tennis Pioneers

Another very good first blade, the Stiga Allround Classic is considered to be, well, a 'classic' beginner blade. Available in both shake hand and penholder styles, this has been the first table tennis blade of many high-level players.

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STIGA Allround Classic WRB Blade

Photo of Stiga Allround Classic WRB Table Tennis Blade
Stiga Allround Classic WRB Blade. Photo (c) Table Tennis Pioneers

The WRB version of the Stiga Allround Classic, where the WRB system reduces weight in the handle to allow the head of the blade to accelerate faster for faster returns, more power, and extra sensitivity and touch.

A very popular blade, which tends to polarize opinions - players either love it or hate it. The type of blade a beginner can buy and use for the rest of his career.

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Avalox Blue Thunder 550 Blade

Photo of Avalox Blue Thunder 550 Blade
Avalox Blue Thunder 550 Blade. Photo (c) Table Tennis Pioneers

Recommended by our forum members as a great looping blade for beginners and advanced players alike, the Avalox Blue Thunder 550 is a light table tennis blade with good control.

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Friendship 729 Bomb Blade

Photo of Friendship 729 Bomb Penhold table tennis blade
Friendship 729 Bomb Penhold blade. Photo by courtesy

This is a Chinese-style pen holder blade, recommended as a good all-around blade, quite fast but with excellent control.

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Friendship 729 LKT Instinct Blade

Described as designed for an attacker who also wants control, the 729 LKT Instinct Blade is a Chinese table tennis blade which is much cheaper than the blades mentioned above, but still of good quality according to our forum.

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Juic Kalinic Blade

Recommended by our forum members as the Juic equivalent of the Butterfly Primorac blade, this is also a popular choice for a new player's first table tennis blade.

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