TGI Fridays Free Veterans Day Meal 2022

Veterans Get a Free Meal in Honor of Veterans Day

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Veterans and active-duty military members that come into TGI Fridays this November can have a free complimentary meal in honor of Veterans Day!

The meal is restricted to just one day, and to particular individuals only, so be sure to keep reading to learn more.

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When Veterans Get Their Free Meal at TGI Fridays

The Veterans Day free meal at TGI Fridays is on Veterans Day, Friday, November 11.

Eligible customers can pick anything they like from a special Veterans Day menu.

It's possible that not all TGI Fridays locations are participating in this Veterans Day free meal. I recommend you call your local TGI Fridays before you head out for meal, just to be sure that yours is, as well as to double-check the time-frame for the meal.

Who's Eligible for the TGI Fridays Veterans Day Free Lunch

All veterans and active-duty military members can get a free lunch at TGI Fridays on Veterans Day, but they're the only ones. Neither their families nor their friends, co-workers, or any other guests that they bring, can take advantage of the offer.

There are some other restrictions explained below that you should be aware of before you head out for the free meal on November 11th.

What You Need to Take With You to TGI Fridays

This free Veterans Day meal is only attainable for veterans and active-duty military if they can provide valid military ID. This is a common practice for restaurants to endure to be sure that their customers are actually military personnel.

If you're a veteran that can't provide military ID, be sure to read through this list of frequently asked questions about Veterans Day free meals. You'll find other forms of ID that may be acceptable, as well as more information on how Veterans Day offers work.

TGI Fridays Veterans Day Free Meal Restrictions

You'll want to be sure to visit TGI Fridays on the one day that the offer is valid, which is Friday the 11th. This deal is for lunch, from 11 AM through 2 PM. You can't come any other day or time to redeem this Veterans Day free meal.

You can only pick from a menu that includes the following: Caeser Salad w/ Grilled Chicken, Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken Fingers, and 6 oz. Center-Cut Sirloin.

Again, be sure to remember your military ID. Any customer who doesn't have one will likely be turned away from this Veterans Day free meal.