Symbolic Tattoos for Second Chances

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Second chances are a gift. Although we may try to get things right the first time around, life has a funny way of testing us and unveiling what we are truly made of. Whether it be health related, relationships, or compromised morals or faith, the following symbolic second chances tattoo ideas will help signify breaking free from your ball and chains. Because some things are just better the second time around.

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Feather Tattoos

Fly high! Carry yourself with grace and ink a feather tattoo. Feathers represent change and freedom. Both of which are integral to your growth as a human. Feather tattoos also happen to currently be one of the more popular tattoo styles, especially when paired with inspirational quotes or verse. You can read more about verse ideas for your feather tattoos by clicking here.

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Chain Tattoos

Let go from whatever holds you back. It takes courage and bravery to dismiss what we perceive as security, but if said security hurts you in any way or compromises your true identity and self, you'll never be happy inside. Breaking free and allowing yourself to find real happiness is a rewarding experience. Broken chains can be worn as wrist or anklet tattoos. Or even symbolically as a chain wrapped around a heart tattoo placed right on your chest, where love conquered all.

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Cross Tattoos

When you fall to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray. Cross tattoos are a beautiful reminder of belief and provide a sense of security and undying love to many. Whether you opt for a rosary that lies across your thigh, or a jewelry style design across your wrists, the cross is a universal symbol of faith. And you might just need a little of that.

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Scar Cover-Up

If you've endured illness or tragedy to your health, either from radical surgical procedures or accidents, scar cover-ups can mark your second chance beautifully. Thanks to the organization P.Ink, many women are now opting for breast tattoos that hide mastectomy scars. You may also choose memorial tattoos if you are covering areas damaged from years of service for your country or community. Not every scar can be covered up so trust your artist with their judgment and advice.

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In addition to scar cover-ups, ribbon tattoos make noteworthy tattoos for second chances. From breast cancer ribbons to domestic violence (purple) ribbons to green mental health ribbons for those living with brain disorders or anxiety, wearing a ribbon with pride wraps up the suffering you have endured while supporting your pledge to carry on, all while raising public awareness to the cause.

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Angel Tattoos

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.Wearing a tattooed pair of wings may help you feel connected with a spiritual guide. Designs tattooed on your back, inner wrist, ankle, or stomach, are an ethereal reminder that someone or something may be watching over you with unequivocal love and protection.

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Bible Verse

As well as cross tattoos, many people express their faith with verse and psalms straight from The Bible.Whether you are newly discovering your faith, or back in God's glory to rejoice in the second chance you have been gifted, there is a whole book of inspiration and wisdom devoted to his saving grace and scripture.

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Star Tattoos

When you've hit rock bottom, look up. So long as there is a sky above you, an earth below you and a fire within you, nothing shall be too impossible. Have faith in yourself and realize that while you are just a small part of this universe, you have the ability to shed light on someone else's darkest night. You are here for a short time. Shine bright.