Riding Skateboards in Switch Stance

Girl skateboarding
Nicole Kucera/Getty Images

In skateboarding, Switch refers to riding the opposite direction than usual, in the opposite stance, and making it look normal. For example, a regular-foot skater riding goofy is riding switch, or a goofy-foot skater riding regularly is riding switch.

If the skateboarder's feet are set for going one way, and he or she ends up riding the other way, that is called "Fakie." It's different, in that the back foot is usually on the tail, and when riding Fakie it will often be on the nose.

When snowboarders ride in the opposite stance, they don't usually change their bindings. They keep them set up for whatever stance they usually use. So, when a snowboarder rides backward it's called "Switch," even though their foot placing may be still setup for going the opposite way. Snowboarders don't usually use the term "Fakie."

Any tricks performed switch are harder because the skater or snowboarder is riding opposite to his or her natural stance.

Also Known As: Switch Stance, Switch Foot, Switch

Alternate Spellings: Switchfoot - as in the band

Examples: "Zanzabar rode up the halfpipe, and then came down switch. No big deal, but then he ollied up the handrail and 50-50ed the whole thingall riding switch."