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Aegend Goggles. Aegend Goggles

There are hundreds of ways to do a swimming workout, and there are hundreds of things available to help you do it better, quicker, easier, or to make doing it more enjoyable. Most swimmers know about pull-buoys, kickboards, paddles, and swim flippers. But do you know about pools that never end, or paddles that analyze your swimming efficiency?

Endless Pool - Lap Swimming Pool
This device is the aquatic version of a treadmill. Once set-up, you can swim lap after lap in your own private exercise pool. You set the temperature, speed, and the pool schedule.

Check out the many benefits of using an endless pool, regardless of your age or ability. 

Stretchcordz for Swimmers
The other side of the Endless pool coin. Tie yourself in one place with these elastic cords and belts and swim away.

SportCount Ring Lap Counter for Swimmers
Ever lose track during the 3rd 500 of a long set? Not anymore! This ring keeps track of your time and how many laps you have completed.

SwiMP3 MP3 Player Made for Water Sports
Want to hear your own music while you swim laps? "Hear" you go! This waterproof MP3 player is made for you to swim with your music.

Swim Fin Booties
Ever get a blister from your flippers? Why not use a bootie to protect your skin? This one from TYR is made to reduce chafing. 

Seal Mask
Not your ordinary goggle, and no, you won't look like a seal with it on. Seal masks are great for open-water swimmers such as triathletes.  Seals masks might work where traditional styles fail. Many of the swimmers I work with use them for open water races.

Drag Swim Suits
Want to add more resistance to your swims? One way is to wear a looser, larger, baggier suit. Be careful when you are using a drag suit that you don't compromise body mechanics and form to compensate for the suit.

Nose Clips
Sure, it may look old fashioned. But they work! 

Maybe one of these swimming gadgets will help you through your next workout. Let me know how it goes.

Try not to rely solely on your nose clips. One of the beauties of swimming is learning how to control your breath and to prevent yourself form needing nose clips. Your individual breathing pattern is the key to breathing success in the pool.

Swim On!

Remember to consult with your physician prior to beginning any fitness regimen